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University : University of Warwick

Degree : Computer Science and Business Studies

Job Title : Software Development Intern

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My background

During the second year of my degree I took part in the Atos IT Challenge, and then did an internship with Atos. I took on real responsibility as the lead developer for the new web portal of a high profile public sector client and now I’ve returned to the Atos Graduate Programme to take my career to the next level.

Tell us about your experience with the Atos IT Challenge

I found out about the IT Challenge during a presentation from Atos at my university. I saw it as a brilliant opportunity to apply the technical and business skills that I had acquired on my course up to that point.

Our team developed an app to alert users to events in their homes, such as the detection of water, gas or smoke. It allowed the user to resolve any alerts by contacting a relevant tradesperson or the emergency services.

The challenge enabled my colleagues and I to develop both our technical and business skills – we taught ourselves how to create an Android app, and then presented our solution at three key stages in the competition. We had great support from our coach from the Atos Scientific Community, and were thrilled to make it to the final of the competition. We were flown out to Paris to present to the global Atos Scientific Community and former Atos’ Global CEO Thierry Breton, and we were thrilled to receive third place overall.

What were your impressions of Atos as an intern?

I was thoroughly impressed with my experience at Atos, due to the professionalism and friendliness of the staff in the office as well as the level of responsibility I was given as an intern. By the end of my first day I was teamed up with an experienced ASP developer to help redesign a client’s intranet site – a project I took over a few months later when the ASP developer moved to another project. I even used the Atos Zero email initiative as the basis for my final year project when I was back at university.

What were your main duties or projects?

I worked on a variety of projects, starting with an intranet redesign for a healthcare industry client. That was followed by a project to fix a number of issues on another major client’s intranet site, enabling staff to download drivers for their devices. Following this I produced a demo site for a video content management system and spent the second half of my placement developing a web portal and FAQ site, plus a new internet news site for two key public sector clients.

What were the highlights?

The best part of my experience at Atos was the beta launch of a web portal site that I had developed for a public sector client. It was fantastic to have the responsibility for the project and to see it go live to a number of users after all my hard work. Aside from my project work, I’ve made great intern and graduate friends, and enjoyed our social get-togethers – including the graduate Christmas party.

How would you describe the Atos Internship Programme to a friend?

It was an opportunity to gain experience on a range of IT projects ranging from small, private clients to large public sector clients, within a friendly and professional work environment with like-minded colleagues. It’s also a great opportunity to secure a place on the Atos graduate scheme, as well as a great social experience with other interns and graduates.

What experiences did you take away with you?

The experience of working as a lead developer for a large public sector client enabled me to gain a far deeper understanding of how large IT projects work, which really enhanced what I had learned at university. I also thoroughly enjoyed working as a team on an intranet design project for one of our high-profile clients.

What do you want to do next and why?

Having secured a job offer at the end of my internship, I joined the Atos Graduate programme in 2014 – and I’ve built up some great contacts within the company as a result. I am looking forward to further developing my technical and business skills so that I can take my IT career even further with Atos.

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