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University : University of Bradford

Degree : Computer Science

Job Title : Software Development Intern

Vital Experience

What were your impressions of Atos as an intern?

My experience with Atos was invaluable, and I very much enjoyed my time there. My manager and the team were incredibly helpful and supportive. I started on the same day as eight apprentices and five graduates, so needless to say things were a bit busy. We were all gathered into one of the meeting rooms when our managers came in – all smiles and laden with boxes. The next hour felt like Christmas – as we all spent our time opening up the boxes for our laptops and work phones. We then went out for lunch with some previous graduates who showed us around the area.

Right away everyone made an effort to get to know me and make me feel welcome, and ensured that the project I spent most of my time on was well suited to my interests. I was given plenty of opportunities for personal learning on the job as well as the experience of real responsibility in a work environment.

What were your main duties or projects?

I was given the opportunity to get some great training in the use of java libraries, xml and Perl. The main project I worked on was as a developer for a mobile ticket-purchasing framework for trains and trams. I also helped out on a project which involved the testing and configuring of the devices used on trains for ticket inspection and purchase.

What were the highlights?

One of the best parts of my internship was getting the recognition for a side project I did that was later used by my manager after I’d moved on to another project. I learned so much about how diverse the industry is for developers, how to adapt to this and increase my skillset. Another key highlight was being part of a group of friends within the Graduate and Apprentice communities.

How would you describe the Atos Internship Programme to a friend?

I would describe the internship as a valuable opportunity to get vital work experience for later job applications – not to mention the very real possibility of a graduate job offer for when you finish university. There’s more of a community feel than you might expect from a professional environment, and I’d say that getting an internship with a high-end technology company opens so many doors that you’ll always have somewhere to take your skills.

What experiences did you take away with you?

Everyone’s experience will differ, but the projects you get involved with will give you the experience of working with other like-minded professionals, proper industry practice and give you a strong foundation on how companies like Atos operate. Personally, I also gained valuable experience on the importance of responsibility, and the benefits of really challenging yourself.

What do you want to do next and why?

I was able to secure a position in a different area of Atos on the graduate programme – in a role that suits my personal interests and goals. Getting into a secure job this soon after leaving University really does speak volumes on how much an internship with Atos has to offer.

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