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University : Lancaster

Degree : BBA Management

Job Title : Business Operations Management Intern

A chance to challenge yourself in a supportive environment

What was your first day like?

My first day went well. As I had already met the team prior to starting, I wasn’t too nervous. I did a bit of shadowing on my first day so that I was able to get a feel for the job and what I would be doing for the next year.

What did you think of Atos?

I didn’t know a lot about Atos before starting: only what I had researched during the application process. Overall, I think that Atos is a great company for interns and graduates, with lots of opportunities available. The people within the company are all very welcoming and supportive. As an intern, I had to conduct research for my final year at uni, and I found that everyone I spoke to was willing to help me out in any way they could. It made my year with the company more enjoyable than I could have hoped for.

What projects/work did you get involved with?

I was able to get involved with the Apprentice, Intern and Graduate Forum, for which my group’s project was to create a plan for how job role rotation within our business area could become feasible to allow everyone the opportunity to gain experience in the range of ITIL functions. I was also able to get involved in the early stages of the creation of an information pack for visitors to our business area. This was aimed at customers coming to visit the site so that they could get an introduction to what each of the functions do for Atos and their customers. This was done under tight deadlines and was well received by my manager. These projects were above and beyond my job role, which I enjoyed as it allowed me the opportunity to try something a little different.

What were the best bits?

All my favourite memories from my internship are from working with my team. The Change Management team is very close and having the opportunity to be part of it was a lot of fun – the atmosphere in the office was as light-hearted as possible. Additionally, my line manager set up shadowing opportunities in other areas of the company, which I found invaluable as it allowed me the chance to gain insight into day-to-day activities in Marketing, Problem and Incident Management and the Service Desk.

How would you describe an Atos internship to a friend?

An Atos internship offers the opportunity to become a part of a team and work in a company where there is a real sense of community. It means the chance to challenge yourself and find out things about in a supportive environment where you are encouraged to ask questions and can always expect an honest answer.

What experiences will you take away with you?

I am a completely different person to who I was when I walked into Atos. I had never worked in an office environment before so I learnt a lot about the day-to-day running of a business. I learnt that I am a lot more capable than I give myself credit for. I have never been great at taking risks but I challenged myself a lot during my internship and I am now much more confident. I hope to take the skills I have learnt with me when I return to university.

What do you want to do next and why?

I will be returning to university to complete my final year. I’m then planning to go travelling, but will be keeping in touch with Atos about graduate opportunities for when I’m back in the UK.

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