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University : University of the West of England

Degree : IT Management for Business

Job Title : Systems Integration Portfolio Intern

Great insight into a rapidly expanding industry

What was your first day like?

My first day was full of mixed emotions. I was slightly apprehensive but also excited for what the year had in store. I had already done a trial run from my new flat so I knew exactly where I was going, which may sound excessive, but other interns arrived late because they couldn’t find the entrance. I was greeted by my new line manager, who instantly settled my nerves. He was extremely welcoming and made me feel at ease. We grabbed a coffee with the other interns who were starting on the same day, then we had a big introduction to the company and the specific area we would be working in, as well as some indication of what our typical days might include.

After our Manager took us for lunch, we got ourselves set up on our laptops and had a tour of the office, which took up most of our afternoon, before heading home.

What did you think of Atos?

Before applying for my internship, I hadn’t heard of Atos, I was introduced to them through a family friend who said they did internships too. After a quick search I soon realised the size and scale of the company – something I was definitely looking for in a potential organisation for my placement year.

When I first joined, I really liked the feel of the head office. I was amazed by the expansive nature of the company, operating in over 50 countries across an entire spectrum of industries.

What projects/work did you get involved with?

When I first joined, I helped with the analysis of Cloud Application Platforms: large hardware and software infrastructures that allow developers to build and deploy cloud-based applications. It surprised me how much time went into what seemed like such a simple analysis. The majority of my work was within the portfolio team, helping to identify, develop and deliver a range of out-of-the-box solutions that could be sold to clients for a fraction of the cost of custom solutions. This even involved attending solution reviews with Senior Vice Presidents, which gave me the greatest insight into the distinctive ins and outs of a rapidly expanding industry.

What were the best bits?

Without wishing to sound too clichéd, one of my favourite parts of working at Atos was meeting such a wide range of individuals, from other interns right through to my five-minute chat with the UK and Ireland CEO, for whom I’d booked a taxi. Above all, I enjoyed the freedom to create my own work. Although the company is highly structured, a lot of emphasis is put on individuals shaping their careers in the way that suits them, and Atos are more than happy to provide all the support you need. The best part, without any doubt, was securing my place on the graduate scheme within Business Consulting. This proves how flexible Atos can be: I was able to return on the graduate scheme but in a completely new area of the business – the one that best matched my skills and abilities. It was a huge weight off my shoulders during my final year of university and put me in a highly enviable position. The potential to secure a graduate scheme whilst completing your internship is invaluable and for me the best part of the Atos internship scheme.

How would you describe an Atos internship to a friend?

The internship is highly challenging, but in a good way. I was doing work with responsibilities I would never had expected, being an integral part of my team and actually making an impact within the company – a far cry from making coffee and photocopying. It was a massive learning curve: I learnt an incredible amount about my degree subject through practical application of my studies in a work environment. I also learnt all about the industry and how companies of this size operate and function. It was interesting to see the theories and practices I’d studied at university being implemented in real world scenarios.

What experiences will you take away with you?

I took a lot away from the internship – more than just a graduate role. I found a new appreciation for how far the IT industry has come, how fast it’s developing, and the ever-changing direction in which it’s heading. The confident boost was brilliant: presenting to a Senior Vice President is a great buzz! It confirmed to me that this was an industry in which I saw myself thriving and building a career.

What do you want to do next and why?

I’m now back at Atos on the graduate programme within Business Consulting. Afterwards I plan to start climbing my way up the career ladder whilst enjoying the freedom and flexibility Atos is able to offer me. My internship was a big building block and my motivation is to go as far as possible – the graduate programme has cemented the fact that working in large organisations is where I’m best suited and where I’ll be most successful.

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