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We’re keen for you to succeed with your Internship Programme applications, wherever you apply, so we hope this helps!

Application forms

It’s vital you conduct sufficient research about the role and the organisation before you complete and return the application form.

This may seem time-consuming, but sending out a high number of generic applications is unlikely to prove successful. You need to take the time to consider why you want a particular role and include evidence that supports your reasoning.

If you’re asked to note your extracurricular activities, be sure to be truthful. For instance, if you played a sport but weren’t the team captain, that’s absolutely fine – not every role is a leadership position.

If the online application form doesn’t have a spellchecker, copy and paste everything you’ve written into a document that does, and then print this out to complete final checks. It’s easier to read printed copy than text on a screen. If you can, ask someone else to read through it as well.

You need to take the time to consider why you want a particular role

Online tests

If you’re asked to take an online test, find out how long you’ll have to complete it. Most organisations use a third party to provide their tests, and they will offer hints, tips and possibly practice tests. Use these as much as possible – it may be a different level or type of test, but it allows you to get used to the concept of online testing, which may be unfamiliar at first.

The Atos test offers some practice questions at the start, so you can get used to the format. When you’re ready to take the test, make sure you can concentrate and won’t be disturbed. Read each question thoroughly, and be as accurate as possible. If the test is timed, keep an eye on how long you have left. If you can’t practise the test, ask the recruiter what preparation you can do. Always let the recruitment team know if there are any adjustments you need to take the test, and we’ll make sure we can accommodate you.

Read each question thoroughly, and be as accurate as possible

Video Interview

The video interview will last around 30 minutes and you should prepare for it in exactly the same way as a face-to-face interview. Don’t worry if you’ve never done this before – it’s an easy-to-use platform. Allow yourself 45 minutes and use a computer with a good internet connection and some peace and quiet. You can take the interview at any time and place you want, but please make sure it’s somewhere you won’t be disturbed during the interview.

Be prepared to answer questions about your motivations, competencies and strengths.

It can be useful to prepare in advance, including thinking about some examples of your achievements in your academic course, working life and extracurricular activities. Consider how these examples may portray your suitability for the role: if you highlight a mistake you made, remember to explain how you remedied the situation and what you learned for the future. Regardless of the role, employers will be looking for someone who can be easily understood, so try to construct your answers well and speak slowly enough that you can be heard clearly.

If you have any technical difficulties during the video interview, or if there are any adjustments you need for this stage of the assessment process, just let the recruitment team know and we’ll make sure we can accommodate you.

Try and construct your answers well and speak slowly enough that you can be heard

Assessment centres

Like many other graduate and intern recruiters, the final stage of our selection process is an assessment centre.

During the day you’ll complete several exercises, including one-to-one competency-based interviews, an individual case study and a group exercise, which will give you real insight into life on our Internship Programme. Refer to our hints and tips in the telephone interview section for the interviews, but remember you’ll be speaking with managers from the area of the business that you’ve applied to, so they’ll be keen to go into more detail about your education, experience and motivations. In other words, be prepared to go into detail.

The atmosphere at our assessment centres is welcoming and friendly, although the exercises are challenging and you’ll need to perform at a very high standard to be made an offer. Always check basic information to make sure you arrive at the correct time and are appropriately dressed. Be aware of how you’re presenting yourself at all times: you won’t be penalised for looking nervous as this is a normal reaction, but if you don’t appear to be engaged it’s hard to make a positive impression.

Be prepared to go into detail about your education, experience and motivations

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