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Level 3, Infrastructure Technology

My job summed up

I work in a very technical environment, which requires me to always perform to the best of my ability. I work on high-profile projects, configuring software and applications to the excellent standards our clients expect. I’m responsible for testing, configuring and quality assuring applications so that they can be deployed to clients securely.

Beginning my journey at such prestigious and distinguished company within the world of IT has been a fantastic opportunity for someone with a desire and passion for everything technology based, like me.

What Impact do you feel you’ve had since joining?

I joined the apprenticeship intending to push my abilities to the limit at all times. My leadership skills have played a big role in this, and I’ve been appointed team leader on the majority of my project so far. I always try to personally make an impact within the company – and it’s great to know that’s being recognised – In my six-month performance review, I received a five-out-of-five rating.

The company invested time and effort into me and in return, after just 6 months they’ve gained a passionate, responsible and technically capable worker who wants to give back to the company. I’ve risen to the challenge, and surpassed expectations on everything put in front of me, from day to day work to extra-curricular tasks. I act as a role model to the other apprentices and motivate them to be the best they can.

What have you learned since starting your apprenticeship?

The key skill I’ve developed in my time on the apprenticeship is teamwork. In my previous jobs, there wasn’t any focus on being a team, but here, everyone prides themselves on being a well-motivated unit. I now find myself sitting and helping others with their technical problems and motivating others to do their best and produce the best quality work.

I’m proud to have personally achieved a great level of technical understanding in such a short period of time to a point that has allowed me to lead the technical projects within the team. This has really motivated me to progress in the future, so that I can one day manage my own well-motivated and hardworking team.

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