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Software Developer – Level 4

My job summed up

When I first joined, I was focussed on learning how to code in Java, learning about Agile development and test driven development, which I put into practise through live projects. I have since joined the Cloud Services team and am involved in a range of projects around the automation of virtual machines, including building a web portal for storage of customer data; where we can monitor customer usage and activity to ensure we are providing the right service to meet customer needs. I’ve also been managing authentication rights to users on a new secure service, and building process documents to ensure security of the system is maintained.

I’m getting the opportunity to spend time in different teams, to give me a wide experience and help me decide which area I want to focus on when I’ve finished my apprenticeship.

What Impact do you feel you’ve had since joining?

Since joining Atos I have been involved in different parts of the business, where I have had many different experiences. I believe that I have made a good contribution to the business both in my core role and with other internal projects such as designing and building community pages for BlueKiwi, our internal social networking tool, which involved working with several senior stakeholders.  I’ve also been involved in charity activities, organising bake sales in our local office and partnering with a local primary school to help restore a local community church.

What have you learned since starting your apprenticeship?

I believe the training and work that I have done so far have not only improved my technical abilities but it has also improved my soft skills too, as I have become more confident in myself. Since joining, I have become more proficient in languages such as Java, HTML and CSS. Additionally, as the company is so large you have many chances to network, make friends and shadow senior colleagues. This has benefitted me throughout my apprenticeship and has helped me understand what I would like to do in the future.

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