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My Apprenticeship summed up

I completed my apprenticeship in 2015, and then I progressed to the next stage of my career at Atos, working as a PMO (Project Management Office) Co-ordinator on a highly-demanding UK account. Day-to-day my role was ever-changing, entailing new tasks each week. I worked in a mixed team, supporting project managers across over 80 active projects for four different customers.

I also became part of the Atos Future Project Management Scheme, which put me on the way to being a fully-fledged Project Manager. This gave me the opportunity to work with a wide range of people from the customer end user to the account management team; while also allowing me to test my management skills of a team.

What impact do you feel you had during your apprenticeship?

Joining as one of the first Project Management apprentices; I believe I had a large impact on the future of the scheme, showing it to be a successful career path. I was able to apply my own opinions and approach to various areas of work which led to improvements for myself and others.

What did you learn during your apprenticeship?

During the apprenticeship I learned so much about work and myself. I went from an apprentice with little experience, to become one of the most knowledgeable members of the team, teaching what I had learned to new apprentices and graduates.

What are you doing now?

Since completing my apprenticeship, I moved onto the future project management scheme, which allowed me to work alongside a senior Project Manager on the account, to gain experience and knowledge without the pressures of managing the project. Once moving through this scheme, I have since moved into a 50% role as a Project Managing my own projects while also moving into an PMO Analyst role supporting the PMO Manager on the account.

I have continued to push and develop my skills since completing my apprenticeship, by expecting more from myself as well as making myself visible to the account management that I am keen to continue my development. This has enabled me to take on more challenging work & additional training.

As for my plans for the future, I hope to continue my growth in my roles I am working in, ultimately deciding on whether to progress through the Project Management route or through the PMO Management route.

Have you continued studying since your apprenticeship?

I have been given the opportunity to complete a Chartered Management Degree, which I will now be completing within work and using experiences in work to support my studies. As I have completed my apprenticeship, this has counted as the first year of my degree passed. As well as undertaking the degree, I have still continued to gain qualifications in both internal and external training, recently passing my Prince2 exams.

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