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My Apprentice job summed up

As an apprentice I joined the Rail Operations sector of Atos, as part of the Training Team, meaning my main responsibilities included organising courses for customers and creating training materials and lesson plans. A large part of my time as an apprentice was during the roll out of Integrale (an on the day system used by the Train Operating Companies to manage crew members and stock) to one of our clients, which enabled me to meet customers and gain experience in training delivery processes.

What impact do you feel you had during your apprenticeship?

I was able to apply my A level in ICT to many aspects of my work, occasionally being asked by my team mates and managers for support during a hectic rollout of a new IT system. My A-level in Maths and Statistics was also useful when analysing data and using formulae when monitoring performance of systems. I also developed a presentation on the amount of information our customers manage using our systems – this was then rolled out and used overseas.

Soon after starting with the company my team trusted me to complete tasks efficiently and effectively, and when they were overloaded with work, I would be asked to assist in meeting deadlines. My roles in tasks were sometimes only a small part of a large project but when combined, all of the small parts make a big impact.

What did you learn during your apprenticeship?

During my apprenticeship, I developed as a person in many ways. I gained confidence in talking to colleagues and customers, and I became more at ease asking questions if I didn’t understand what was needed of me. I was also able to gain the industry knowledge needed to be able to contribute to projects and develop in my role; I found that knowing the industry you are in is the foundation needed to progress and improve.

Before starting my apprenticeship I wasn’t 100% sure on the career path I wanted to pursue – my apprenticeship gave me the chance to discover what motivates me and to learn my strengths; this enabled me to decide on a more defined idea of the career path I wanted.

What are you doing now?

Since completing my apprenticeship I have been able to develop in my role on the Training team, taking on more and more responsibilities during the different implementation projects I have been part of. Most recently during a customer project I was able to take on the role of Training Manager as well as delivering training elements to the customer. I am also now solely responsible for the completion and delivery of monthly reporting to our customers.

Have you continued studying since your apprenticeship?

After gaining my apprenticeship, I started a company sponsored, part time degree (BSc Computing & IT with Mathematics). This course is allowing me to develop new and existing skills which I can apply to my roles within the company. I am continuing to challenge myself through completing a rotation plan of 6 monthly assignments onto different teams. This is in line with the modules I am completing as part of my degree so that I can apply what I learn as well as develop a greater understanding of the roles available within our business line.

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