Accelerating the quantum revolution

with Quantum Learning as a Service (QLaaS)

A collaboration brought to you by STFC Hartree Centre and Atos

Get ahead of the quantum computing curve

Over the next decade, quantum computing will become an everyday reality. In the interim, you need to future-proof your operations by developing applications now so that when stable quantum computing arrives, you’re ready.

What is Quantum Learning as a Service?

While there are different theoretical approaches to quantum computing, it’s not yet clear which one will eventually deliver mainstream quantum computing. Yet waiting until the right solution emerges will be too late to ensure that your competitors don’t steal the show.

That’s why Quantum Learning as a Service combines the unique combination of skills and resources from STFC Hartree Centre and Atos, to enable researchers, engineers and students to develop, test and experiment with quantum software by emulating a real-world quantum computing environment.

Powered by a dedicated hardware infrastructure, it simulates the effects of different kinds of quantum computing systems, so you don’t have to second-guess which one you will eventually use

Specialist expertise to explore algorithms

From mathematicians, quantum computing experts and software developers, support is provided as part of our remit to support UK industry

Universal quantum assembly language

A Universal language to support strong interoperability and hardware agnostic so your developers can focus on applications and algorithms

Flexible consumption

First quantum computing machine that can be delivered on-premise, or supplied as a service (with monthly access charge)

Cost-effective and scalable

Only pay for what you use, no wasted assets

Download our Quantum Learning as a Service brochure

The Atos Quantum Learning Machine is designed to accelerate and de-risk your future adoption of quantum computing. Find out more in our Quantum Learning as a Service brochure.

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