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Utility companies are facing a period of sustained and fundamental change in a way not seen for almost a century, as digital becomes the new norm.

Regulators, customers, and politicians are increasingly demanding more change against shorter timeframes. Smart grids and meters point the way to smarter and more discerning customers. Serving the customer right every time is crucial as this is now what our customers expect and regulators demand.

At the same time, the transformation of utilities assets is underway. Data is increasing in prominence in all industries, including utilities. Atos understands how to store and exploit data, driving operational efficiency, protecting and extending the safe operational life span of your asset, which is key to driving future business value.

With 30 years’ specialist contribution to the utility sectors, Atos makes a credible and intelligent partner. We focus on supporting our customers to address the challenges that the future of utilities brings to ensure the best outcomes for your business and your stakeholders.

See the results of the sprint that we conducted at the Innovate East festival discussing how AI can complement and augment the work that humans do in digital utilities companies

Customer transformation challenges

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Consider digital transformation in utility companies from four perspectives:

Customer experience

Customers spend less than ten minutes a year in contact with their service provider. Can you change that with enhanced online relationships?

Business reinvention

Water, gas and electricity are commodities. Can new partnerships, with white goods and building technology specialists, raise your value?

Operational excellence

Safety always comes first, so how can you boost productivity across your widely distributed workforce without compromising standards?

Trust and compliance

Not only are utilities part of society’s essential infrastructure – you hold millions of privileged client records too. How do you ensure full physical and cyber security in utilities?

Water: A Source for Transformation

Today’s water companies are facing new challenges as market dynamics change and the industry works towards achieving a net-zero carbon footprint. Digital technologies are changing the industry forever. At Atos, we recognise the current and future challenges in the utility sector and work in partnership with leading companies through digital transformation to shape the future of digital utilities.

The digital utility starts here

With the advent of truly distributed grids, the advance of renewables and the emergence of viable storage, utility models become increasingly data-driven. As a partner in digital transformation, Atos draws on its exceptional experience in serving the utility sector to shape a new breed of digital utilities.

What our clients say about us

Enexis leads the way for secure smart meters - Case Study

Enexis leads the way for secure smart meters – Case Study

The drive to introduce smart meters into the Dutch energy market has accelerated, thanks to the initiative shown by Enexis and a successful data encryption solution delivered by Atos.

View our Enexis Case Study

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