Atos OneCloud for Police

Your Cloud, Your Journey, Your Sovereignty

Atos OneCloud: for secure, efficient citizen-centred public services and a safe and sustainable future.

To meet the needs of UK police forces and emergency services, we recognise that being cloud-enabled gives you essential agility, cost-efficiency and sustainability. Yet while ambitions for cloud might be clear, the choices around cloud providers and processes can be complex – especially for large institutions with legacy systems. The reality is that most police forces will operate a mixture of public, private and non-cloud services for years to come. The challenge is how to get best value from cloud while always retaining sovereignty, flexibility and control of your systems and data.

Atos is the partner to help emergency services navigate and accelerate their journey to cloud. Our unique partner ecosystem and agnostic approach will give you clarity and confidence that your blend of cloud choices is secure, decarbonised, future-proof and right for you. Wherever you are on your cloud journey, we will work with you to understand your specific strategic and operational challenges and deliver the optimal cloud environment, all at the pace and scale you need.

Benefits of Atos OneCloud

Your Cloud

  • Unique blended cloud architecture (including non-cloud/legacy applications) to eliminate workload siloes, simplify your IT landscape, and maximise agility and cost-efficiencies
  • Flexibility and control of your own cloud environment, with no vendor lock-in
  • Safe, secure decarbonised IT

Your Journey

  • Freedom to focus on your business instead of technology
  • Digitally innovative organisation and culture, with ability to respond rapidly to change
  • Faster speed to market for new user services and apps and to integrate emerging technologies (including AI, automation, edge)

Your Sovereignty

  • Assurance that your data and systems are secure in public, private or hybrid cloud
  • Control and access to data for better emergency services – as a force for good
  • Governance and sovereignty of your data, with consent and trust of citizens

Innovation in a Box

Accelerate your ability to execute on your digital transformation goals

  • Create a clear vision for how to leverage cloud to enable digital capabilities and drive your targeted business outcomes
  • Build a defined backlog of executable initiatives and roadmap driven by business value
  • Stand-up an agile execution model and change strategy that will accelerate and sustain delivery
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Customer Stories

University of Sussex

During a time of intense change, the University re-set its digital journey with a strategy to reduce complexity, lower costs and maximize agility to meet student needs and evolving operational demands.

Met Police

The Met, like many other police services, is undertaking a digital transformation to deal with the challenges of changing crime and the need to engage better with the citizens of London, whilst proving value for money.

Why Atos?

Our Customers

68% of our top 100 customers use Atos Hybrid Cloud

Data Centres

50 data centres worldwide

Leader in Decarbonization

Dow Jones Sustainability Index

World-Class Leader

Atos is ranked by Gartner, Everest and ISG as a leader in cloud services


European and world leader in cyber security

GAIA-X Founding Partner

Co-development of European Cloud standards

Our People

Over 7,000 cloud experts, 30,000 application experts, 10,000 data centre and network experts, 6,500 cloud certifications and 4 cloud AI/ML customer labs

Our Partners

World-class ecosystem including Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, SAP, Dell – VMware and IBM – Red Hat, Salesforce, ServiceNow.

High Performance Computing

Unique solutions in HPC and cloud edge computing, combined with secure 5G networks

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