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The changing nature of crime is placing new demands on police forces

The basic mission and attitude towards policing hasn’t changed since the publication of Sir Robert Peel’s Principles of Law Enforcement in 1829. However, the environment in which the police operate has changed considerably.

Protecting people and property, maintaining the peace, detecting crime and bringing offenders to justice remain the core functions of policing. However, the changing nature of crime is placing new demands on police services to respond to ever-evolving threats whilst driving efficiencies.

Digital transformation will support and enhance the way police forces operate and help them to better achieve their mission. Digital solutions will relieve the pressure on police time, make better use of data, integrate services, combat the growing problem of cyber security and ultimately release officers to deal with situations that need a greater human input.

Digital policing is developing within the context of rising citizen expectations, increased scrutiny and public need for in-person contact with police officers. No matter how high tech police work becomes, there is no replacement for human intelligence, professional instinct and empathy.

of adults were a victim at least once of fraud and computer misuse in 2016*

*HMIC Report – PEEL: Police effectiveness 2016, March 2017

Digital Policing

We understand that digital solutions are not the whole answer to the changes needed within policing. The real challenge is to achieve a digital transformation which maximises the potential of technology, whilst also recognising and building on the human aspects of policing that digital solutions can never replace.

Citizen Experience

Citizens, officers and staff all want digital services which are simple and easy to use. Whilst citizens sometimes need direct contact with police officers, in some circumstances they prefer digital services, consequently freeing police time.

Operational excellence

Simplifying IT enables police forces to put policing first. We can provide end-to-end integration of systems within a police force, between forces and other agencies at regional and national level.

Business Transformation

With operational pressures, financial constraints and new types of crime, IT capabilities can significantly enhance the productivity of the force. The challenge is how to change the shape of the police service to combat new threats whilst maintaining the core ethics and principles of policing.

Trust and compliance

The growing threat from cyber-crime demands new skills, whilst police forces must protect their own IT systems to prevent themselves from becoming victims. We are trusted to provide security services across the public sector.

Atos OneCloud for Police

Wherever you are on your cloud journey, we will work with you to understand your specific strategic and operational challenges and deliver the optimal cloud environment, all at the pace and scale you need.

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Services and solutions for Police

Digital Transformation

Business change and the delivery of digital and mobile technologies to enhance force productivity and improve citizen engagement.

Turning data into intelligence

High performance computing and data analytics, delivering actionable intelligence to predict and prevent crime.

Multi-Agency Incident Transfer

Enables secure and instant transfer of incidents and information between multiple agencies, reducing costs and increasing efficiencies.

Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC)

Manage 999 and non-emergency communications across phone, text, video, social media and email


Integrating and managing complex services across multiple towers to ensure efficient and seamless 24×7 IT delivery to officers and staff.

Cyber & Security

Trusted provider of cyber capabilities and Security Operations Centres, keeping critical national infrastructure safe from changing threats.

Supporting the Met’s technology transformation

The Met, like many other police services, is undertaking a digital transformation to deal with the challenges of changing crime and the need to engage better with the citizens of London, whilst proving value for money. The One Met Model programme drives the business change, supported by the Met’s Digital Policing technology enablement.

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