Local Government & Cities

Meeting the challenges of local authorities and smart cities through digital transformation

By reinventing delivery through a digital first approach, local governments can improve citizen services whilst driving essential cost savings.

Embracing digital change whilst improving everyday services

Technology has changed and is continuing to change the entire landscape for local authorities and cities.

Today’s citizen is not only comfortable with technology, but views it as the simplest and most convenient way to interact with friends, retailers and service providers. This is translating into citizens expecting local governments and cities to provide more joined-up services available through any device.

This drive towards greater citizen involvement and personalisation is a paradigm shift for the way that local authorities and cities interact with their cities, as well as being an opportunity for delivering efficiencies.

Atos designs and delivers a complete range of digital solutions that transform public sector services while renovating and reinforcing core systems to be more effective. Our data-driven services help local authorities and cities to make better informed and more timely decisions, and our seamless processes ensure security is built in at every level.

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Challenges and solutions

Digital technologies offer new challenges and opportunities in every part of local government. We take a pragmatic approach, contributing to strategic thinking while staying grounded in the practical application of digital innovation to meet our customers’ challenges in four key areas.

Customer experience

Improving citizens’ experience of local services through digital self-service, greater personalization and ease of interaction.

Operational excellence

Collaborating and sharing information to deliver improved outcomes for vulnerable citizens and local authority staff.

Business Reinvention

Transforming business models and services that take advantage of new, agile, digital technologies and ways of working to drive efficiencies.

Trust and compliance

Safeguarding critical infrastructure, data, staff and citizens in an evolving threat landscape with effective cyber security in-built.

Supporting vulnerable citizens

Supporting vulnerable citizens through inter-agency collaboration in South Wales

Blaenau Gwent council led a ground-breaking project with two other councils, health services and police to join-up and share information about vulnerable citizens on the Multi-Agency Vulnerability Intelligence System. With a more detailed, holistic picture of each individual, agencies can deliver earlier interventions and better-targeted services for vulnerable and potentially vulnerable citizens.

“Collaborating to get better intelligence is in the public’s best interests, in terms of quality of life and cost-effectiveness.”

Dean Thomas, Service Manager, Blaenau Gwent CBC

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Digital Transformation

End-to-end service redesign and innovation with citizens at the heart.

IT Service Provision

Optimising IT through systems integration, cloud, managed services and world-class cyber security.

Service Integration and Management

Innovative supply chain management to ensure quality, maximise value for money and avoid vendor lock-in.

Eligibility Checking and Closed-Loop Payment

Delivering a secure and managed marketplace to ensure social care funding is spent efficiently and effectively.

Multi-Agency Vulnerability Information System

A pioneering cloud-based solution to identify and support vulnerable citizens.

Citizen Self-Service

Cost-efficient and effective public services via online engagement, self-service and citizen empowerment.

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