Digital Business Resilience for Banking

Resilience for your digital enterprise in a hyper-connected world

Delivering flexibility, certainty and agility in every area of your digital enterprise.

Always On is no longer enough.

Competition from new entrants, enabling technologies and transformational regulation are just some of the factors forcing financial services organisations across the sector to accelerate their investments in digitisation.

It is no longer enough simply to be always on, no matter how complex a challenge this may have become. It’s now essential to have an unprecedented grasp of data – flows, dynamics, usage, security; of orchestrating cloud services; of being able to scale operations, as well as compute services, up and down at no notice.

All this demands integrated business resilience which must be fully considered across the enterprise and in the supply chain; intensively monitored and, of course, fully compliant at all times. Without integrated business resilience at this level, even a minor interruption to services risks the reputation and trust of the business, with commercial costs and consequences.

Support 24 x 7 x 365

Built in resilience from robust services

Atos has partnered with Daisy Group to create Digital Business Resilience for Banking – a unique set of services devised from expertise in innovative digital resilience and digital transformation in financial services. You will benefit from a holistic approach to understanding your business resilience arrangements and accessing a tailored set of integrated digital business resilience services which reflect what today’s operating environment demands.

Holistic approach

Bringing together formerly disparate activities as a strategic capability is a key step to enable operational risks to be mitigated.

Disaster recovery

Recover from major interruption without compromising compliance using a single portal.

Flexible business capacity

We provide you with an offsite workplace that is available at any time, allowing your organisation to flex up as required.

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