Improving wellbeing with The Lunchbox Doctor

To mark British Nutrition Foundation’s Healthy Eating Week, on Thursday 13 June the Lunchbox Doctor hosted a dedicated session on healthy eating in our UK&I London office. The session was a fun and interactive workshop aimed to help employees understand what simple changes can be made to our lunches to boost energy, improve immunity and support body goals.

The Lunchbox Doctor – also known as Jenny Tschiesche – a best-selling author, nutritionist, recipe developer and presenter – realised that the typical lunchboxes were far below the required nutritional standards for health – let alone optimal health. She started combining her nutrition knowledge and advice with creation of straightforward recipes and time-saving tips.

Through the We are Atos employee experience programme and its Wellbeing focus, Atos strives to foster a culture that supports a healthy work-life balance – which includes encouraging our colleagues to pursue healthy eating,

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