Atos ANTZ mentors visit HMP Bronzefield prison

Following a mentoring pilot with Her Majesty’s Prison Bronzefield last year, Atos is now part of a new project, working in a new ‘open prison within a closed prison’ environment to support rehabilitation. Seven mentors from the Atos ANTZ Mentor Programme attended an initiation session and met with residents of the new facility, as well as prison office staff and the Prison Director, to understand more about this project and how the role of mentoring will support its aims. The open prison, Phoenix House, has been set up to help selected residents to successfully prepare for temporary and final release – and enhance their integration into society.

The mentors are a blend of Atos employees, as well as individuals from one of our Government clients, all giving up their time and working together to support rehabilitation in Europe’s largest women’s prison. The next steps are mentor and mentee matching and project commencement.

Damien Shevlin, Senior Vice President HR Atos UK&I as well as Executive Sponsor of Atos ANTZ programme, said: “This marks an exciting new chapter for the programme’s London Project, supporting HMP Bronzefield with this new project – and working in partnership with our clients in support of rehabilitation.”

This project is one of two London based Atos ANTZ mentor projects – the other is ‘London in the Community’ supporting young people from challenging backgrounds. Atos is looking to expand both these mentoring schemes and the Manchester-based project.

Find out more about the Atos/Antz mentor programme.

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