Meet the Glasgow 2018 European Championships volunteers

We caught up with some of the Glasgow 2018 European Championships volunteers to find out how their experience was, and how they felt following the resounding success of the Champs.

Name: Wendy Fisher
Atos job and location: Financial Accountant – NS&I Account, Glasgow
Volunteer role: Workforce Team – Synchronised Swimming
Based in: Scotstoun Sports Centre

Name: Sophie Burr
Atos job and location: Customer Centric Design Analyst, Glasgow
Volunteer role: Protocol Team – Guest Hosting
Based in: Scotstoun Sports Centre and Loch Lomond Shores

Name: Laura Smith
Atos job and location: Quality Assurance, Forres
Volunteer role: Medal Chaperone for the Diving events
Based in: Royal Commonwealth Pool, Edinburgh

What was your role as a volunteer?

Wendy: My main responsibility was to look after all the volunteers, making sure they had everything they needed to complete their own jobs. It was also part of my role to ensure that the morale of the volunteers remained positive; this was an easy task though – they all brought along their own humour and enthusiasm.

Sophie: My team hosted the Champs families and VIP guests. The job included ensuring that guests were in the right place at the right time, and briefed for the medal ceremonies.

Laura: My role allowed me to get right up close with the athletes, as once the final dive had finished I was to escort the athlete everywhere, until preparation for the medal ceremony commenced.

How did you get involved in volunteering at Glasgow 2018 European Championships?

Wendy: When Atos were looking for volunteers for a large multi-sport event based in Glasgow, I felt it was the perfect opportunity for me. I have a 10-year-old sports enthusiast son – I wanted to inspire him to become passionate about the Glasgow 2018 European Championships, and to one day take in part in these events!

Laura: I have always loved doing voluntary work. However, I have never volunteered at an event like this and I thought it would be a great experience – which of course it was.

What impact do you think the Championships have had on Glasgow and Scotland?

Sophie: Following the Commonwealth Games, Glasgow welcomed the Championships. There was a buzz around the city, and people were genuinely intrigued to find out more about what was going on. The games showcased the amazing scenery that Scotland has and hopefully encouraged more people to get involved in different sports too.

What would you say to someone considering attending a large sporting event as a volunteer?

Laura: Do it! I had never volunteered at a big sporting event like this and I was very nervous but the whole experience was worth it. All the organisers and other volunteers were so welcoming. I’m hoping to be able to volunteer at an event like this again in the future.

Sophie: Absolutely do it! I have met so many brilliant people who I would have never crossed paths with otherwise. I also have a new-found interest and respect for the sporting events I was part of. I learnt so much about the different sports and the insane effort and commitment that goes into competing within them.

What was the highlight of the Glasgow European Championships for you / you and your family?

Wendy: My son and I had the opportunity to attend the Team Cycling qualifiers at the Velodrome and saw the GB women’s team qualify with the best time. I also met many lovely people whilst doing the role – including Bonnie the seal!

Laura: The whole experience was amazing, but I think the highlight for me would be getting to meet and work with others who love dedicating their time to volunteering. They were all great to work with and made me feel so welcome.

Which athlete inspired you the most and why?

Sophie: The Atos Brand Ambassador, Marc Austin, hands down. He was in the CX Lab, Capella two weeks prior to his event, where he talked about how much it meant to him to compete in Glasgow. I found it particularly inspiring to hear how he persevered after his injury and had not only all of Glasgow, but the entire UK, supporting him.

If you could describe your Glasgow 2018 experience in three words, what would they be?

Laura: The diving was ‘Inspiring’, my fellow volunteers were ‘amazing’ and performing my role was ‘superb’.

Thanks to Sophie, Wendy and Laura for taking the time to share their Glasgow 2018 European Championship experience with us.

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