Atos and Glasgow 2018 European Championships go back to school with Bonnie the Seal – round two

This week, pupils at Castlehead High School, Paisley were treated to an exclusive, fun interactive technology workshop by our Atos team in the run-up to the Glasgow 2018 European Championships (2-12 August). The school was recently nominated by Irene Dawson, Regional Service Delivery Manager – Scotland, and Anne-Marie Balfour, Security Service Manager, as part of our Glasgow 2018 corporate social responsibility plan to promote Atos’ role as the official provider of the crucial technology behind the ‘timing, scoring and results’ (TSR) at the Championships.

To celebrate the exciting new multi-sport event, which will bring together some of Europe’s leading sporting competitions, 80 pupils partook in a lively Q&A session before receiving a surprise visit from Bonnie the Seal, mascot for the Glasgow 2018 European Championships. They also enjoyed an outdoor sports activity putting TSR in to practice, going head to head with Bonnie in a mountain bike race.

To finish off the day, the Atos team also shared their career experiences in a roundtable with 40 pupils from all years – highlighting that when you leave school, a career in technology is available to anyone, and encouraging them to enjoy Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects.

Head teacher Martin MacDonald commented: “A big thank you to Atos. Days like this are invaluable to illustrate the wide range of technology-focused careers for pupils. I hope their experience with TSR systems on the playing fields will spark their interest in the tech underpinning world-class sporting events like the Glasgow 2018 European Championships.”

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