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University: Aston University

Degree: Economics and Management

Graduate Opportunity: Finance

My Background

After attending a few careers events run by Atos on campus, I was excited by what they were offering and by the rate of their growth. I wanted to start my career with a multinational giant and felt I would fit in well at Atos: my own beliefs and values closely aligned to theirs. Within the finance scheme, I could gain good experience in a wide range of different areas whilst being offered sponsorship to complete my CIMA accountancy qualifications. The managers and other graduates are very supportive and there is always someone to turn to if you are struggling or just in need of a boost. The friendly nature of the employees is really refreshing.

My job summed up

I work in the finance team for the B&PS division of the business and my role covers a range of financial management duties, to help the management team monitor different aspects of financial activity across the division. Part of my role is to monitor and approve requests for new ‘order to cash’ project codes, which are used to accurately bill staffing time and expenses on client projects and I also review any customer credit note requests, to ensure we’re billing our customers accurately. If it’s month end, I’ll focus on preparing payroll files to enable the business to review their staffing costs on a monthly basis, identifying and analysing any variances from month to month. I produce utilisation reports to ensure our people resources are being used to their full potential and keep a close eye on the spend of internal projects, reviewing the value they are bringing to our customers. It’s a wide ranging role and there’s always something new to learn every day.

A day in my life


I start by identifying my priorities for the day. I usually have a daily call to review order to cash requests, as I was keen to become order to cash champion. This objective has exposed me to many colleagues in different areas of the business, helping me to understand how everyone works together.


Our daily team meeting each morning is a good opportunity to review our key focus for the week or raise any concerns, and see what other team members are working on – and of course whether you can help them, or vice-versa.


After catching up with colleagues over lunch, I post journals by account – all the financial transactions on an account, to ensure all costs are accurately reflected on the P&L reports. I check my emails to see if any urgent requests have come in from the management team.


I meet with the financial controller for our division, to review the headcount reports I’ve produced. We review any staffing transfers in or out of the division, monitoring our overall resources, and ensuring the business’ accrual forecasts are accurate, to cover staffing costs.

1700 till late …

I take the chance to review business updates on Blue Kiwi – our internal Facebook, and catch up with graduate news on our dedicated Blue Kiwi page. If it’s month end, we might have some urgent meetings that crop up late in the day, before I head home, where I catch up on my CIMA studies, ready for my forthcoming exams.

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