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University: Aston University

Degree: Business, Management & Public Policy

Graduate Opportunity: Business Operations Management

My Background

I first became aware of Atos at a careers fair held at Aston University, which gave me an opportunity to speak to some of their current graduates. I was surprised to discover the diverse nature of their client base, ranging from national to multinational corporations. This ignited my interest in Atos and I decided to research the company following the careers fair. After reading into the specifics of the graduate programme online and factoring in the positive feedback given by the graduates at the career fair, I concluded Atos would be a good place to start my career and applied online.

The best part of working for Atos has been the support I have received both from my line manager and immediate team. From day one I was made to feel valued and a key part of the team. This has been coupled with opportunities to attend both internal and external training courses and I have now achieved two professional qualifications, with more in the pipeline.

My job summed up

I am a Platform Service Manager, which means my job is to ensure the smooth running of the Cloud service we deliver to clients. I currently work on three different platforms, which combined host nearly thirty clients. My responsibilities range considerably, from usage reporting and billing through to meeting with tenants to discuss changes they would like to make to their service. Every day has the potential to be different and there is always something new to get involved in or learn about.

A day in my life


Each morning, the first thing I do is open my mailbox to see whether any service updates have been communicated overnight. Our cloud platforms have a lot of evening activity, as technical changes need to take place outside business hours to prevent any impact to the live service we offer to clients. I then complete several daily reporting tasks and host a significant change call to discuss any large or high impact changes that have been scheduled.


The Service Management team have a catch-up meeting to discuss ongoing work or issues facing the platform. Following this, I attend meetings around the running of the platform. The agenda can range from discussions around service improvements to monthly billing and the onboarding of new clients.


I enjoy lunch with fellow graduates as well as colleagues from the wider business community. This provides an opportunity to network with people outside my immediate business area and get an insight into some of the other projects Atos is involved in.


After lunch, we usually have a call with representatives from each of the different teams involved in the delivery of our cloud platform. This is a good opportunity to discuss the future of cloud and how as a team we can work together to improve our current service offering.

1700 till late …

I spend the final hour of the day ensuring I have completed all my tasks and catching up on any outstanding work before heading home for the evening.

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