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University: University of Nottingham

Degree: Computer Science

Graduate Opportunity: Networks & Infrastructure

My Background

In my final year of university, I realised my ambition was to work for a successful IT company that would be able to provide me with opportunities to work on a variety of projects and further develop my skills. After seeing Atos at a careers fair and conducting my own research, I was convinced that Atos would be able to offer me the role I was looking for, and so I applied to their graduate programme.

In my role, the best thing is being able to work with different people with a range of technical skills. It’s been a positive challenge that’s given me invaluable insights into new technologies and ways of working. From day one I found everyone I’ve been fortunate enough to work with very friendly and helpful. As I’ve built up my knowledge, my colleagues have had no problems entrusting me with greater responsibility and coming to me with questions of their own – an experience I wasn’t sure I would have so soon after joining as a graduate.

My job summed up

As part of the Cloud Automation team within Cloud Services, my job involves working together with technical specialists of different disciplines to create tools and scripts to automate repetitive and time-consuming activities. I also help to develop our customer-facing web portal, which allows customers to order new services that are provisioned through our automation tools. As well as producing new tools, we are responsible for managing and monitoring existing tools – ensuring that they run smoothly and adapting them to any breaking changes.

A day in my life


I start the day by organising my inbox and checking to see whether there have been any issues with overnight automated jobs that have run. After a visit to the kitchen for a coffee, I join a morning meeting with the Operations team to discuss day-to-day issues, progress and priorities.


I usually set this time aside to work on any issues raised in the meeting with the Operations team and deal with any incoming issues that customers raise with me directly. At midday I’ll head down to the local shops with my colleagues, many of whom are current or former graduates, and pick up some lunch.


Depending on progress during this morning, I usually turn my attention from day-to-day issues onto developing new tools and projects. I’m currently spending a lot of time on a project to automate the patching of servers that are managed through our web portal. Patching currently requires a lot of manual effort and is ideally performed out of business hours to minimise disruption, so it comes with a high cost! Through this project I’ve learnt a lot about Atos’s relationship with customers as well as the technical complexities of the patching process.

1700 till late …

I finish up and set any reminders for the next day. In the Nottingham office we have an active social group, so whether it’s five-a-side football, karting or just drinks I’m usually busy at least a couple of nights a week.

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