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University: University of Nottingham

Degree: Economics

Graduate Opportunity: Business Consulting

My Background

Whilst studying Economics, I was particularly interested in applying the theories I’d learnt to produce real-life solutions. The University of Nottingham had a wide range of home and international students and I enjoyed interacting with people from a variety of different backgrounds. It was these factors, alongside attending various careers fairs and looking at different graduate programmes online that resulted in me deciding to pursue a career in Business Consulting.

I applied to Atos shortly after graduating. I felt that Atos would give me the opportunities and training to progress and develop my career in a challenging yet supportive environment. Its international presence meant that I knew I would be able to work with a wide range of colleagues and clients across a variety of sectors. Looking back, I’m glad that I took the plunge and applied to Atos as the experience I’ve had has been amazing and I’m thoroughly enjoying my time here.

My job summed up

Business Consulting is about helping clients to achieve their goals – we do this by implementing technological change and guiding them on a transformational digital journey. My job is to help understand what steps need to be taken to help them achieve these goals and how to deploy the expertise and capabilities available at Atos to do this. Consulting presents me with the opportunity to tackle a wide range of business scenarios across a variety of sectors, and no two clients or projects are the same. No matter which project you work on, there is a great balance between autonomy and teamwork, which helps you to quickly develop your skillset so that clients derive real value from your work.

A day in my life


I start my day by checking my emails (whilst eating my second breakfast!): this helps me to organise my day and plan meetings or calls with the relevant people to ensure that important tasks are carried out as soon as possible.


I like to work collaboratively with members of my team to run any new ideas past them and get their opinions. These daily catch-up sessions help to save time in the long run as any outstanding issues can quickly be addressed or escalated if necessary.


After lunch, I have a meeting with the client and other key suppliers. This helps to give me a high-level view of how everyone’s work interacts and feeds into the overall project plan. This in turn helps to manage expectations between all stakeholders and ensure that the client is on track to achieve the goals outlined.


I go back over my daily tasks to ensure that I have achieved all that I set out to. I also participate in numerous internal calls, such as the weekly knowledge share, which highlights the projects Atos are involved in and the work we are doing for a variety of clients. It is a good way to look for future project work as you gain a real insight into what’s going on. Being a Social Collaboration Ambassador for Business Performance Improvement means that I also help to organise internal calls and provide material on how the business can work more collaboratively.

1700 till late …

I spend the last part of the day managing admin such as expenses or timesheets. Additionally, I have a look through Atos’s internal social media to see what’s going on in the business and see whether there is anything for me to get involved with. After a quick catch-up with team members it’s time to head off for dinner or drinks.

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