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University: University College London

Degree: Law

Graduate Opportunity: Project Management

My Background

I graduated from UCL having studied Law, but decided I didn’t want to pursue the discipline any further. Having taken a Project Management course in my final year, I decided to look into this instead. I applied to Atos and ultimately chose the company for my graduate role for a few reasons. Throughout the interview process, all the people I met were supportive and encouraging and wanted me to do well – a sign of positive things to come. I found throughout my journey at Atos that this is quite representative of the culture as a whole – there is always someone willing to help you, no matter what your question is. In fact, I’ve yet to come across one person that’s not willing to take time out from their day to assist me with any problems I am facing. There are also many senior members of staff who are more than willing to sit down with you and help guide your development.

From day one, there is a large degree of trust placed on you, giving you room to develop at your own pace. There are also many opportunities that you can take to get involved more widely within Atos. For instance, I participated in the Atos Million Makers Challenge last year, raising money to support The Prince’s Trust. This was an amazing opportunity to liaise with people in other parts of the business that I may not have ordinarily encountered – including quite a few of the executive members. Not only did this allow me to improve my skills outside my day job, but I was also able to help a cause I was passionate about in a very exciting way.

My job summed up

In my role as a Project Manager, my main responsibility is overseeing delivery of various projects within the team. I am in charge of my own project teams, and also assist other project managers to get experience of different types and varying complexities of project. The types of projects we deliver can range from the implementation of source code tools from developers to overseeing the transfer of whole data centres. There’s quite a range of projects to be involved in.

A day in my life


The first hour of the working day mainly consists of reviewing any emails that have come in and planning what work needs to be undertaken. I also have calls scheduled within this time to catch up with project teams and focus on key issues and blockers.


Around this time I usually head out with a few colleagues to grab lunch at one of the many food places around the Holborn area, where the London office is located.


After lunch I focus on progressing points raised during the morning’s calls. This could consist of contacting key stakeholders, creating slides for a presentation or preparing and adjusting project budgets, among other things.


I attend supplier meetings on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday to ensure progress against agreed plans. At the end of the week, I have checkpoint meetings with my assignment manager. During these meetings we review how everything is going with my work, my manager offers advice and asks if there’s anything I need support with.

1700 till late …

Towards the end of the day, I set up calls with the team, suppliers or the customer as needed for the next couple of days, and shoot off any emails including minutes for meetings or updated action logs – mostly administrative things. That way, I know that when I log back in in the morning, I’m starting fresh.

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