Manufacturing and Execution Systems (MES)

Delivering achievable and quantifiable benefits across all plants, with integrated intelligence from the shop floor to the top floor

To protect their margins, manufacturing companies must maximise operational efficiency and quality across production operations. Atos’ MES services help manufacturing clients to bridge the gap between ERP and process control. They will enable you to establish common standards and best practice across multiple plants and sites, minimising cost, lead-times, WIP and inventory. We set quantifiable targets appropriate to each client such as:

  • Production efficiency increase: 58% less idle time; 8-18% productivity increase; 15-50% cycle time reduction; 20% fewer changeovers
  • Improvements in equipment effectiveness, reducing WIP by as much as 40%

Exceptions-handling reduced by as much as 50%.

Atos has developed M4MES; an experience-driven best practice MES methodology.

Why choose Atos for MES?

Atos is one of the few companies able to deliver actionable business intelligence through the integration of real-time industrial data and business system outputs.

Robust, Differentiating Methodology

We bring a proven, executable framework that helps complex manufacturing enterprises scientifically pursue the drive for business value across their operations.

Improved Compliance

Our MES solutions improve tracking and tracing, and significantly increase the quality of compliance reporting, while decreasing the burden.

Repository of Best Practice

Our experience is based on the delivery of over 400 high-performance MES solutions to major manufacturing clients around the world.

Essential Intelligence

You can establish meaningful and actionable dashboards, delivering essential intelligence to production, operations and business functions across your enterprise.

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