ERP Consolidation and Harmonisation

Can you use technology to identify and multiply your best business processes?

Your business and technology are growing in complexity every day – and the gap between your applications and dynamic processes is widening. How are you going to turn consolidation into a sophisticated strategy, not just to drive IT costs, but to improve business results? Atos ERP Consolidation and Harmonisation is a full-cycle solution – spanning consulting, system integration and management – that radically changes consolidation.

With Atos, this can be effectively extended with managed services, virtualisation and proven cloud architectures. The horizon is clear – once you see that consolidation is not just about blue-sky thinking but about understanding what you’re already good at.

With Atos, harmonisation levels reach 90% and rollouts complete within 18 weeks.

Why choose Atos for ERP Consolidation and Harmonisation?

While conventional approaches often waste time and money either reinventing the wheel or generating fresh complexity, we go about it differently. Atos will focus on your application layer in a pragmatic, economical and systematic way – using software as the mirror to see how business really uses and needs IT.

Global Experience

Our approach was refined inside the working environment of the world’s largest engineering network. Global projects at Siemens and other major players with presence in over 190 countries have taught us valuable lessons in cost, time and risk.

Enterprise-wide Benefits

Your integration project will be swifter, limited in risk and reduced in expense. You will also benefit from technology economy, lower costs, process optimisation, conformity without surrendering competitive diversity – and a more manageable enterprise.

Technology-agnostic Approach

We excel at system integration across SAP, Simatic, Teamcentre and other technologies – but unlike the makers of those technologies, we are free to focus on your process needs and sector specifics.

Cost Reductions

With Atos, ERP Consolidation and Harmonisation can yield reductions of: 10-50% of IT costs; 10-60% of datacentre operation costs and 20-70% of application management costs.

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