Application Development and Management

Faster, smoother, more responsive applications for a challenging, fast-changing world

We recognise the extraordinary challenges that manufacturers face as they embrace globalisation, integrated manufacturing, mass-customisation, sustainability and faster times-to-market. Yet they can only change as fast as their IT environments allow: that’s where problems can arise. Most large manufacturers have complex applications estates that have evolved ad hoc. Before making strategic changes, they need to simplify, rationalise and integrate. And it’s not just about business IT: complexity on the factory floor can be as much as five times greater, so rationalising the landscape can be a massive challenge: that’s where Atos’ Right-Fit Application Management approach can make all the difference.

Our Right-Fit approach can reduce clients’ annual Application Management costs by 30-50%.

Why choose Atos for Application Development and Management?

Our Right-Fit Application Management approach breaks away from the outdated siloed treatment of applications. Instead it integrates them, creating new and more adaptable service and delivery models that drive efficiency across the organisation. The result is an organisation fine-tuned for speed and agility, ready to focus on market challenges.

dedicated programs for talents and high potential

Dedicated Solutions Portfolio

Applications management for the manufacturing sector is unique and requires a high level of industry knowledge and expertise. Atos has deep roots in manufacturing which helps us to deliver the right solutions for our clients.

Global Scale and Reach

With 10,000 application specialists worldwide supporting nearly one million users, we provide 24/7 operations to global organisations. Our regional business units and network of global delivery centres give us the scale, knowledge, experience and resources to deliver.

SureSource Distributed Delivery Model

We offer the optimum balance of delivery resources according to your needs. We blend on-shore, near-shore, and offshore working with unified processes and tools, co-ordinated by our customer service team to provide seamless delivery.

Integrated, Standardised and Industrialised Processes

We ensure complete consistency at all times through the use of proven, integrated, standardised and industrialised processes and will structure the delivery team around your business and geographic requirements.

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Our experts

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Vice President, Manufacturing & Retail. Atos UK & Ireland

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Business Development Director and IoT Specialist – Manufacturing Industry

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