An industry in digital transformation

Across civil and military, for passengers and crew, in production and maintenance, the aerospace industry is impacted by digital transformation at every turn. Benefit from Atos’ digital transformation and delivery insight.

Digital redefines the future of aerospace

The aerospace industry faces continual and intense pressure to deliver the benefits of innovation. From the seeds of a design idea through to the in-flight experience of travellers on some 100,000 flights every day, digital now becomes integral to differentiation and success.

The ‘connected airplane’ is increasingly tuned and monitored both to heighten safety and security and to minimise cost and environmental impact. It is also increasingly customised during production and refit, adding bespoke value for individual airline clients. Atos combines specialist aerospace experience with a deep understanding of digital transformation, and is ready to help you craft and sustain an effective digital strategy.

Spanning complex design and production environments, we will help identify approaches to maximising efficiency without compromise in either quality or security.

Aerospace programmes demand a high degree of integration between mechanical, electrical and information components. This demand for integration extends across both supply chains and product lifecycles. Atos will support you in your continual pursuit of agile and effective integration.

We will help you take advantage of new data analytics too, in areas as diverse as fuel consumption and sustainability, on the one hand, and traveller experience and social media, on the other.

According to a Roland Berger survey, 98% of respondents in aerospace and defense believe digital is having a major impact on their industry.*

*Aerospace industry: turning point ahead? Roland Berger, June 2016

Customer transformation challenges

Look at digital transformation in aerospace from four perspectives …

Customer experience

How can you actively involve customers in development, envisioning new and compelling in-flight experiences for winning and enduring products?

Operational excellence

How will the internet-of-things, robotics and additive manufacturing, for example, impact new approaches to production and maintenance?

Business reinvention

Do new alliances offer new opportunities: how can you, for example, exploit the crossover between civil and military initiatives?

Trust and compliance

How will you face the greater diversity of threats and responsibilities that come with growing reliance on data and increase in connectivity?

Atos named a leader in Digital Manufacturing Services by Global Analyst firm NelsonHall

With long-term strategic partners such as Siemens and other global leaders in manufacturing, Atos was able to build a deep understanding of the digital transformation needs for the industry. The company has proven to be well-positioned to create value for its customers throughout the product lifecycle, manufacturing and supply chain by combining its comprehensive offering and consulting capabilities with a vertical go-to-market approach.”

John Laherty, Senior Research Analyst at NelsonHall

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Key services for our aerospace clients

Industry 4.0 exploration

Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things

Putting the new industrial revolution at the core of aerospace development.

Atos codex analytics

Data Analytics

Atos Codex delivers meaningful and timely aerospace analytics.

Digital Transformation

Envision and implement a focused digital transformation strategy.

Cyber Security

Managing all aspects of security and compliance.

End-to-End SAP HANA

Optimising SAP HANA as the platform for aerospace data.

Digital Workplace and Unified Communications

Boost workforce productivity through shared digital services.

Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing could disrupt the complete manufacturing value chain, allowing a shift from mass production to full customization.

Read more in Journey 2020

Factory of the Future solutions

Our solutions enable clients to focus on key digital initiatives such as improving connectivity, reducing complexity, harnessing innovation, increasing sustainability, building customer-centricity and operating a truly global plant floor.

Manufacturing Execution Systems

For achievable and quantifiable benefits, with improvements across plants and integrated intelligence

Application Development and Management

Faster, smoother, more responsive applications for challenging, fast-changing world

Product Lifecycle Management

A complete end-to-end consulting and implementation approach, with seamless collaboration

ERP Consolidation & Harmonisation

A full-cycle solution (spanning consulting, system integration and management) that radically changes consolidation

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