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Technology Adoption Guaranteed Since 2000

Breakaway Adoption Solutions designs cutting-edge change management and education solutions for any industry around the world

Backed by decades of research, The Breakaway Method™ is a market-leading, innovative approach to managing digital change. It has helped millions of professionals successfully transform their businesses and adopt new technology. By perfecting the art of efficient, measurable, and sustainable adoption, Breakaway makes implementations faster and more successful than ever before.

Why Breakaway?

Guaranteed adoption rates

Guaranteed adoption rates

Breakaway guarantees a 90% or greater adoption rate within each organization — that’s one of a kind in the market!

Reduced training time

Reduced training time

Breakaway’s education solution typically reduces training time by at least 30-50%, providing significant time and cost savings to each organization.

Rated Best in KLAS

Rated Best in KLAS

Breakaway has been ranked best in KLAS for several consecutive years, highlighting real client success and satisfaction.

The Breakaway Method™

Four Drivers of Successful Adoption

Organizational Change Management

A detailed adoption plan with customized deliverables increases leadership engagement and gives organizational leaders the tools to provide support, navigate challenges, and successfully deploy new technology or business processes

Effective Training

A completely personalized educational approach that often incorporates interactive online simulators with immersive learning, game-based learning, virtual reality, micro-videos, instructor-led training, and more, enabling users to demonstrate proficiency and confidence in their roles before going live

Performance Metrics

An all-access dashboard for organizational leadership, allowing them to monitor end users’ progress, measure proficiency, and pinpoint adoption gaps by location, department, role, and even individual user

Sustained Support

A robust maintenance program to update the education and materials in real time, even with application upgrades or process changes, driving real results and increasing long-term adoption

Strategy & Deliverables

Using these four interrelated components for success, Breakaway completely tailors education and deliverables to each organization’s unique challenges and needs. Every solution is bespoke, and no initiative is too large or small for Breakaway.

Story map

A visual representation that communicates the transformation, initiative, or education solution to learners and gives them a holistic understanding of the overall change as a story.


A visual tool used to communicate elements of a change initiative or implementation to employees in an engaging, effective way.

OCM Deliverable

Similar to infographics, these communication deliverables aid leadership in sharing information with their team about the organizational change or transformation.

Online Simulator

Customized, role- and task-based lessons that use short (5-7 minute) interactive simulations to teach best practices and then test learners on their ability to complete the workflows with minimal instruction.

Quick Reference Guide

Convenient documents that provide at-a-glance support for users who need a quick refresher of click-by-click instructions for performing tasks covered in their simulator lessons.


Short videos that use storytelling to quickly guide learners through a task or make them aware of an important new change, often using characters and animations to engage viewers and promote retention.

Immersive Learning

A type of education that allows users to interact with three-dimensional animated characters as they practice a task, move objects within a room, or maneuver through an environment.

Each decision they make impacts the scenario outcome as it would in a real work environment, allowing learners to understand the importance of their workflow in a controlled environment.

Conceptual Learning

To teach soft skills, best practices, and other topics that are conceptual in nature, Breakaway employs a richly interactive storytelling approach that’s brought to life with characters, animations, and innovative interactions. Users study situations, evaluate options, and make decisions so they can learn how to apply high-level concepts in scenarios that match their work environment.

Game-based Learning

Sometimes an extra level of gamification is exactly what is needed to draw users in and keep them engaged. Breakaway designers and developers can add gaming elements such as scoreboards, progress meters, relevant sports metaphors, and more to improve learning journeys.

PromisePoint® Community

Clients receive access to Breakaway’s personalized, state-of-the-art learning management system called PromisePoint® Community. With familiar branding and navigation for users, the community serves as a central hub for the entire adoption journey, housing all educational materials, classroom scheduling, attendance reports, exam scoring, and a wide variety of task tracking and reporting capabilities to keep learners and leadership on track to a successful adoption.

Client Metrics

Breakaway’s learning management system offers comprehensive, real-time performance metrics for leadership to analyze proficiency and identify any adoption gaps by location, department, role, or user. Additionally, course surveys collect responses directly from users to gauge attributes like knowledge and confidence in the education, further measuring the success of the adoption.

Beyond Training

Many organizations rely on outdated and ineffective training approaches when introducing a new application or business change and often supplement training with traditional classroom instruction or off-the-shelf learning. Breakaway’s research has proven through hundreds of implementations that the key to impactful and lasting adoption is a personalized solution that not only guarantees user adoption but also provides maintenance and support during the transformation and well beyond. The Breakaway Method™ incorporates training modalities unique to each organization and its needs, like micro-videos, interactive simulators, immersive learning, conceptual courseware, game-based learning, virtual reality, and more. Breakaway’s unique approach to education allows for better analyses of proficiency metrics, less variation in end user knowledge and confidence, and most importantly, improved job performance and satisfaction.

eLearning vs.The Breakaway Method™

  • Passive learning – functionality or content driven
  • Active learning – completion of tasks by role
  • Long lessons – typically 20 to 60 minutes
  • Short bursts of learning – 5 to 15 minutes
  • Generic by role
  • Specific to role and task
  • Generic content from a standard application build
  • Customized to the organization’s actual application
  • Difficult to measure user adoption
  • Measurable, sustainable, and meaningful information on user adoption 24/7

Think Long Term

Upon building a strong educational foundation through organizational change management and effective training, it’s critical to analyze performance metrics and sustain the adoption outcomes for long-term success.

Achieving a successful adoption means:

  • designing the best workflows and learning formats
  • assessing quality and functionality during each step of development
  • giving leaders effective tools to support their staff through monumental changes
  • identifying adoption gaps and areas for improvement
  • communicating effectively throughout the entire initiative to create a seamless and successful adoption

Customer Journeys

Electronic health record adoption at 36-state U.S. hospital system

All Breakaway staff have demonstrated consistent excellence in working to design, develop, and/or revise simulators over the past 11 years! The role-based curriculums continue to be auto-assigned to all new hires, and the impact on providing the same foundation to new learners across 153 hospitals cannot be overstated!

Director of Clinical Informatics

The problem

  • Multi-hospital organization attempted to implement an electronic health record (EHR) application
  • They encountered major challenges that were characteristic of a singular focus on the go-live event
  • They experienced resistance to change, low end user engagement, workflow discrepancies, and barriers to effective education, preventing overall application adoption

The solution

  • Created universal documentation across all hospitals
  • Lowered training costs by shifting focus to simulator-based education
  • Increased end user retention & confidence
  • Decreased the time to reach EHR adoption
  • Provided engaged leadership strategy

The outcome

  • Successful adoption at 162 hospitals
  • High course completion scores and satisfaction ratings, indicating effective learning outcomes for end users
  • Forecasted cost savings of approximately $40 million
  • Estimated 150,316 patient care days saved

Electronic health record adoption at large U.S. health system

The problem

  • 12,000-employee healthcare system faced major challenges amid their electronic health record (EHR) implementation
  • The former trainers comprised a centralized, corporate team that was not present at many of the locations
  • Learners struggled to adopt the new EHR software, as all learning occurred via Virtual Classroom

The solution

  • Delivered a consistent training approach to manage software upgrades and new hires
  • Created universal instructor-led training guides across all hospitals and locations
  • Developed self-paced, simulator-based education to decrease training time
  • Provided organization with PromisePoint® Community tracking capabilities to monitor progress and identify adoption gaps

The outcome

  • Successful application adoption at 10 hospitals and 37 primary care locations
  • Over 94% of users achieved high course completion scores, demonstrating proficiency in the software before go-live
  • End Users reported a significant increase to their knowledge and confidence upon completing their education
  • Reduced number of training hours by approximately 90% (per the client)

Public Sector Transformation

The problem

  • Government assessment provider requested digital education that was interactive, trackable, and sustainable
  • Previous education was ineffective, lacked result monitoring, and required instructor supervision, exhausting experienced resources needed for other high impact tasks
  • Required a sustainable methodology due to frequent government regulatory changes
  • Requested a solution that would reduce attrition and training time considerably for onboarding new hires

The solution

  • Deployed Organizational Change Management at the project onset
  • Developed a blended learning solution with simulated learning, quick reference guides, and instructor-led education
  • Built a PromisePoint® Community platform to house deliverables & deliver a personalized learning experience
  • Initiated a maintenance program to provide updates and workflow changes as they occur (ongoing)

The outcome

  • Reduced training time from 6 to 4 months
  • Increased onboarding retention by over 8%
  • Users educated by The Breakaway Method™ were able to complete nearly 40% more assessments
  • Forecasted time and cost savings deliver an estimated minimum of 1,460 additional assessments each month
  • 97% of users felt more knowledgeable in performing the tasks
  • 97% of users felt confident in their ability to perform their tasks
  • 98% of users would recommend the education to a colleague in the same role

How can Breakaway help you?

Breakaway Adoption Solutions
Global Leader in Digital Transformation

With experience across all markets, Breakaway can create customized solutions to fit the goals and needs of any organization! Whether implementing a new technology, providing education for devices, or just improving business knowledge, Breakaway will help you achieve your organizational goals in a rapidly changing digital world. Plus, Breakaway guarantees a successful adoption journey – protecting your investment for years to come.

About Breakaway

Since 1999, Breakaway Adoption Solutions has been revolutionizing how employees embrace new technology and business changes in organizations around the globe. The Breakaway Method™ has evolved through years of successful implementations to dramatically reduce stress and inefficiencies, eliminate guesswork, shorten the time to attain user proficiency and then sustain it throughout the technology, workflow, and personnel changes at each organization.

Breakaway is vendor agnostic and has created education solutions for millions of professionals across all markets, including manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, retail, government, pharma, aerospace, telecommunications, finance, hospitality, and others. Breakaway’s adoption success has been widely published, and The Breakaway Method™ is considered a world leader in technology adoption.

Breakaway Published Books

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