Google Cloud says partners are crucial to sales process

April 23, 2019 – Google intends to include partners in every single transaction, according to Carolee Gearhart, vice-president of worldwide channel sales, Google Cloud. Speaking to media during a partner roundtable at the Google Cloud Next conference last week, she said, “I think for Google, this is a really critically important topic for us, just from a strategic perspective.”

Wim Los, senior vice-president of Google Alliance at Google’s Global Breakthrough Partner of the Year Atos, said, “It’s early days, but the first thing we are noticing (under Kurian) is an increased focus on giving the enterprise what they need in terms of the advice around how to use all of this new technology. Obviously, something that we as partners feel, is our business in advising and working with customers. But having the right people from Google working with us in the data connection with the customer, explaining what use cases can be developed, and how does that work. In fact, this is an important step.”

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