Atos and Google Cloud Global partnership

Atos and Google Cloud entered into a global agreement in April 2018 to jointly develop secure solutions for enterprise customers.

Bringing together Google’s unparalleled cloud and technology services with Atos’ proven understanding of complex transformation solutions, the partnership supports its customers in three key areas: secure hybrid cloud, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and productivity and collaboration solutions.

The solutions, detailed below, offer enterprises a fast and frictionless way to use Google Cloud technologies alongside their existing assets and processes, while at the same time leveraging data to create new insights and value for their own customers.

Secure Hybrid Cloud - Accelerating the path to Google Cloud Platform
Google Cloud is Atos’ preferred public cloud partner. At Google Cloud Next ’19, Atos announced Open Hybrid Cloud, a fully-managed, on-premise, private cloud solution which enables businesses to smoothly transition from traditional to cloud-native operations with complete security and protection. It also accelerates enterprises’ move to a hybrid cloud strategy as the solution incorporates key components of Google Cloud’s Anthos.

Open Hybrid Cloud solution adds Atos’ Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) capabilities on top of Anthos. It is based on open source platforms Kubernetesi and OpenStackii . It also brings businesses the capability to operate and run Kubeflowiii , the open source platform for developing and running Machine Learning workloads, on-premises.

Making Artificial Intelligence real for business
Today businesses need to effectively manage and optimize a vast quantity of data. Open Hybrid Cloud, built on Atos’ powerful data analytics expertise and Machine Learning (ML) tools, enables businesses to deliver AI-powered workloads leveraging ML analytics all in a secure, private but hybrid-ready infrastructure.

Secure Hybrid Cloud
Atos brings its expertise in end-to-end cloud orchestration and management, as well as complete security and protection, meeting access and control requirements that European and global regulations demand. Atos is a global Leader in Managed Security Services (MSS), as recognized by analysts NelsonHalivl and Gartnerv. Its modular identities and access management solutions and military-grade encryption products enable businesses to maintain sovereignty over their own data enhancing greater security and trust in their Business Processes, and the Services and Applications supporting them.

Identity and Access Management
With Evidian Identity & Access Management solutions (Evidian Web Access Manager and Evidian Identities Governance & Administration) from Atos, businesses can protect their users’ accesses and keep control of their identities. With Evidian solutions, businesses can create a central repository of identities and access rights, so that users only need one unique sign-on to access multi-Cloud environments. Business will also have access to a single pane of glass IAM console for the governance and administration of those identities and access rights, facilitating policies enforcement, compliance reporting and security incident response.

Data Encryption
Trustway Data Protection Suite is a comprehensive data encryption solution from Atos, with French military grade encryption. It enables businesses to protect, securely manage and migrate sensitive data wherever it resides, whether on-premises or in virtual, public, private or hybrid Cloud environments. It includes Trustway Hardware Security Module (HSM), a data encryption management platform from Atos, which protects businesses infrastructure and data and ensures the integrity and security of cryptographic operations. Extra layers of security are added with the encryption keys, which are stored outside of the Cloud environment – either on the clients’ servers (Bring Your Own Keys) or on Atos’ servers - providing businesses ultimate control over their data and encryption keys.

Cloud Workload Protection, Security Analytics, App Security Testing
On top of those 2 major Security domains which are the keystone for customers’ sovereignty over their data in Hybrid Cloud environments, Atos has a range of cybersecurity services which help customers secure the last mile of their cloud journey.

Starting by applying cloud workload protection to customers in virtual machines and containers, enabling real-time detection and response, with security analytics powered by Atos Prescriptive Security Operations Centers (PSOC) and empowering DevOps teams to ‘shift-left’ security with app security vulnerabilities remediation with static and dynamic application security testing solutions embedded into their CICD (continuous integration and continuous delivery) pipeline.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - Data Analytics & Machine Learning
Through Codex Industry Solutions, Atos’ complete data analytics portfolio for data-driven business transformation, Atos leverages the advanced capabilities of Google AI and ML technologies, on and off premise, to build and run secure and compliant industry-specific solutions across multiple verticals. Client references include T-Mobile NL Netherlands, for which Atos worked together with Google Cloud to deliver a customer-facing multi-channel chatbot, which uses AI to streamline customer queries, increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

Three R&D Centers and Innovation Labs
Atos has its three ML/AI customer innovation labs and R&D centers in France (Paris), UK (London) and the US (Dallas), which leverage training from ML experts in Google Cloud’s Advanced Solutions Labs to bring the latest advancements in ML to their customers. Clients can spend dedicated time with experts from Atos and Google Cloud, in a creative environment, exploring the potential of AI to create new solutions which deliver significant ROI.

Productivity and Collaboration Solutions
Atos has enriched its market leading Digital Workplace offering with G Suite, offering enterprise customers an optimal personalized workplace experience which enhances user experience and productivity. For clients looking to implement G Suite, Atos has an offering which is unique to the market. This new end-to-end offering encompasses Atos setup, migration and management services with G Suite & Chromebooks, from leading hardware manufacturers, including Dell and Lenovo. Subscription-based, and therefore with no upfront costs needed, this offering is a complete package, and includes initial setup, data migration and service management. Each client contract effectiveness is measured and managed through an eXperience Level Agreement (XLA), rather than the traditional SLA (Service Level Agreement), as not only the quality of the service is measured but also the quality of the experience.

Atos – Facts and Figures

  • Atos a global leader in digital transformation
  • 120,000 employees in 73 countries and annual revenue of € 13 billion
  • European #1 in Cloud, Cybersecurity and High-Performance Computing
  • Atos is recognized by analysts as a global leader in Cloud, Digital Workplace, business-driven analytics, IoT and cognitive, cyber security and digital transformation services.Cloud
    • Gartner: Leader in Magic Quadrant for Data Center Outsourcing -Hybrid Infrastructure Managed Services in EMEA & North America;
    • NelsonHall Leader Cloud Infrastructure Migration & Management;
    • ISG Insights Leader as an Application Development & Management services provider;
    • Everest Group: Leader
    • HfS: Global Leader

    Digital Workplace

    • Gartner: Leader in Magic Quadrant for Managed Workplace Services Europe + North America
    • ISG Global Leader in Digital Workplace Services
    • NelsonHall Leader in End-User Computing;
    • Aregon Research Leader in Mobile Collaboration + UCC

    Analytics & IoT

    • NelsonHall NEAT market analysis of Big Data & Analytics Global Leader;
    • Everest Group Peak Matrix™ for IoT Services Global Leader;
    • Gartner: Challenger in 2018 Magic Quadrant for Data & Analytics Service Providers;
    • Forrester: Global Leader IoT Services;
    • Forrester Global Strong Performer Insights Services;
    • ISG Insights Leader in US and Germany in Data Analytics.


      • NelsonHall – Global Leader #1 Europe and #4 Worldwide Managed Security Services;
      • IDC – Leader #1 Europe Managed Security Services;
      • Gartner - #5 worldwide in Managed Security Services;
      • Gartner – Niche Player in Identity Governance & admin worldwide;
      • Gartner – Niche Player in Access management worldwide;
      • NelsonHall Global Leader in GDPR Services;
      • KuppingerCole Global Leader in Identity Provisioning;
      • Leader CXP Group IT Security Europe.
  • Atos was awarded Google Global Breakthrough Partner of the Year 2018
  • Atos has achieved the Internet of Things (IoT) Partner Specialization in the Google Cloud Partner Specialization Program

Press Contacts:
North America: Maggie Wainscott | | 903-262-8169 | Twitter
Global: Laura Fau | | +33 6 73 64 04 18 | Twitter

iKubernetes is an open source container orchestration platform created by Google and now part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.
iiOpenStack is a free and open-source software platform for cloud computing, mostly deployed as infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), whereby virtual servers and other resources are made available to customers.
iii Kubeflow is an open source Kubernetes-native platform for developing, orchestrating, deploying, and running scalable and portable machine learning workloads.
iv NelsonHall – Global Leader #1 Europe and #4 Worldwide Managed Security Services.
vGartner - #5 worldwide in Managed Security Services.

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