Cloud security

Prevent, Protect, Preserve: 3 steps to unified cloud security

Are you using the cloud securely?

Security is still seen as a barrier or a roadblock to embrace cloud services. It is often stated as the number one concern for customers in accelerating their cloud adoption.

But how can customers overcome this challenge and bring a more integrated approach to cloud security without impacting the benefits that cloud brings?

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The top 2 barriers to faster cloud adoption are lack of visibility (53%) and control (46%).

Source Fortinet 2021 Cloud Security report

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The Atos approach to cloud security

Doing things the old way is not an option anymore. Digital has no perimeter and cloud security cannot be reactive. If it is reactive, chances are that you have already been hacked. The time is now to take a more proactive approach.

Atos approaches cloud security through 3 simple dimensions, how to prevent, protect and preserve security in the cloud leveraging a portfolio of services that can underpin this approach transversally.

Cloud Prevent

Proactively deploy controls that secure by design cloud architectures

Cloud Protect

Augment security controls with automation to maintain a secure posture

Cloud Preserve

Continuously monitor, detect and respond to evolving threats

Portfolio of services and products

Our approach to Prevent, Protect and Preserve cloud security is transversal to many individual solutions thus providing greater flexibility in leveraging the full capabilities of the Atos portfolio of services:

Cloud Service Provider Security

Leverage and enhance AWS, Microsoft and Google Cloud native security tools to the highest level for an improved security posture


Cloud Protection

Secure the cloud from the cloud with prevention, detection, response and prediction of cloud infrastructure risk and where it resides


Data & Identity

Maintain control and sovereignty over your identities and data in multi-cloud environments

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Agile security


Secure at speed with a focus around pipelines
and ‘as code’ based environments

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Shape a clear cloud security journey to build maturity and resilience

How can you transform your security to enhance secure business through the cloud and keep full control of your sensitive data?

Taking your security maturity as an input, as well as your regulatory context and the goals of the cloud transformation program, Atos Cloud Security Consulting will determine how your IT security organization, governance, processes and controls must be transformed when IT moves to the cloud (and at what speed). Adding a cloud layer into your data classification policy is a key element as well.

  • Risk assessment: Get visibility on where your data is and determine an action plan for compliance >> Cloud Security Assessment
  • Data security and control: Keep full control and protect your critical data wherever it moves within the cloud in compliance with applicable regulations
  • Cloud security roadmap: Build a security transformation roadmap and define the cloud rules for your different data classification levels


of companies reported struggling on interdepartmental alignment on security policies and/or their enforcement

Source: The State of cloud security risk, compliance and misconfigurations

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Multi-Cloud Control

How can you build and maintain control of compliance in the cloud?

Every organization should keep control of their access management and encryption and not entrust it to cloud providers. This is a way to limit cloud service provider lock-in, as well as be able to maintain greater trust (and control) over who accesses which data.

Unauthorized persons will only reach encrypted data. Of course, not all data is sensitive and a data classification is required to encrypt data on a risk-based approach. As a consequence, it means that visibility of uncontrolled cloud usage (shadow IT, unsanctioned IT) is key in order to add security controls or provide secure alternatives to end users and business units.

  • Cloud IAM: Protect and access data in IaaS, PaaS and SaaS with strong authentication >> Evidian IDaaS
  • Cloud encryption:Protect and access data in IaaS, PaaS and SaaS with targeted encryption >> Trustway DataProtect
  • Hybrid cloud security: Add an end-to-end layer of security control that covers all cloud environments as well as on-premises infrastructure

Data in the cloud (visibility)

Do you have visibility into everything that is going in the cloud?


Atos cybersecurity Cloud stat sensitive data

Agile Security

How do you ensure applications are securely developed and operated in the cloud?

Agile security is about embracing DevSecOps, not just to shift security left (for code vulnerabilities, IAM and encryption, SDK to DevOps, etc.) but also to benefit from the CI/CD cycle, immutable infrastructure, infrastructure as a code, and zero trust — to implement stronger security controls (previously not available), automated and orchestrated.

This brings new frontiers for security risks (VM templates, CI/CD tools and API are the new gold rush for hackers). This is a game changer, and mindsets must adapt and security teams must be trained for cloud-based security.

  • DevSecOps approach: Enhance cloud-native application security through automation and integration with DevOps processes
  • SOC: Eliminate security blind spots with automation and orchestration. Secure critical workloads and simplify management of hybrid cloud >> SOC Security Operation Center
  • Cloud access security broker: See what data is being shared with third parties via the cloud, and automatically categorize the risk level via CASB >> Brochure CASB

No enterprise boundaries (access)

Do you know who is logging on to your infrastructure right now?
Do you know who is accessing it?


Atos cybersecurity Cloud compromised account

What makes Atos a privileged partner empowering trust in public cloud?

Learn more about the partnerships and vision we share with the major public cloud services providers.

Atos and AWS: The power of two

Discover how Atos AWS native security enhance security posture, threat detection and compliance by leveraging AWS native capabilities.

Discover Atos AWS Native Security Services

Atos and Google alliance

Atos and Google Cloud have formed a global partnership to deliver secure hybrid cloud, machine learning and collaboration solutions to the enterprise.

Discover Atos and Google Cloud alliance

A security portfolio for Microsoft technologies

Atos has a growing portfolio of services that are built with Microsoft technologies, based on Atos’s managed security service offerings.


Discover Atos and Microsoft Technologies

Why choose Atos for end-to-end management and orchestration?


European trusted partner

Ensure a secure cloud computing environment thanks to a partnership environment covering all the major Cloud Service Providers

Unified trust and compliance

Bring together hybrid environments into a unified platform for superior security visibility and monitoring by implementing multi-cloud security with AIsaac MDR >>


Data sovereignty

Keep control of your data with our own trusted European solutions for IAM, encryption, PKI and MDR and be at the forefront of future industry standards such Gaia-X labels and ENISA >>


McAfee and Atos have partnered to provide a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) Service combining best-of-breed technology from McAfee MVISION Cloud and Atos cybersecurity products: Trustway for data protectionand Evidian for access management. The combined offering ensures clients have greater control over their data encryption and identity and access management (IAM) needs across their multi-cloud environment.

McAfee certifies Atos cybersecurity products for Security Innovation Alliance ProgramAtos launches a new CASB solution to enforce enterprise security policies across hybrid cloud environments

Atos is now the first partner certified by McAfee SIA for MVISION Cloud products.

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