Cloud Protect

Protecting against the unknown

Protect cloud assets automatically and detect threats as they emerge

To get more flexibility, organizations have largely embraced multi-cloud. Between private and public cloud, it becomes even more complicated to have a complete vision on where data is located, who has access to it and if the right security controls are in place.

In this era where sophisticated intrusions multiply, are you sure you can keep your data safe and sovereign?

On average, organizations have

2,6 public and 2,7 private clouds


Flexera, State of the cloud report 2021

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What is Cloud Protect?

Cloud Protect is about taking an approach where you are implementing the right controls and continually augmenting them in order to maintain a secure posture.

How we minimize the impact of any potential security issue


We defend you against sophisticated threats

  • Protect networks, containers and workloads from advanced threats with AI/ML
  • Enable Zero Trust architectures to micro/nano segment flows minimizing the attack surface and lateral movement
  • Protect cloud apps and API’s from exploitation and vulnerabilities impacting the privacy, integrity and availability


We protect you against data loss and bring trust and sovereignty to cloud

  • Protect sensitive data from unintended disclosure
  • Maintain sovereignty and control over data with strong data protection and encryption
  • Enforce organizational security policies across multi-cloud environments


We manage cloud access risk through effective identity and access policies

  • Enforce cloud infrastructure access and entitlements effectively
  • Automate identity lifecycle management across hybrid cloud
  • Minimize privilege access risk through strong policy enforcement and controls

Augmenting security controls with automation to maintain a secure posture is critical. We support you all along this journey. Schedule a call with our experts today.

Discover the products and services behind Cloud Protect

The Atos proactive approach to cloud security

Cloud Prevent

Proactively deploy controls that secure by design cloud architectures.
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Cloud Preserve

Continuously monitor, detect and respond to evolving threats.
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