Cloud Prevent

Prevention is better than cure

Prevent misconfigurations from happening in cloud infrastructures

Most of data breaches in the cloud are due to misconfigurations. The reason behind this? The complexity of managing security across heterogenous environment (IT/OT/IoT but also public/private cloud, SaaS/PaaS/IaaS ecosystems…) leads to a lack of visibility and control on the entire landscape.

Moreover, securing DevOps becomes a must-have as high software supply chain risks and lack of trust in libraries and codes multiply.

How can you secure this entire pipeline?

In 2022, for 15% of breaches, the initial attack vector was a cloud misconfiguration


IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report 2022

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What is Cloud Prevent?

Cloud Prevent is about taking a preventive approach and being able to proactively deploy the controls in your organization so you are doing more upfront, effectively ‘shifting-left’ security.

How we minimize the attack surface and exposure to risk


We prevent misconfigurations

  • Leverage native Cloud controls from AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud to proactively prevent and detect misconfigurations
  • Implement guardrails for developers to safely operate within without impacting agility and speed
  • Manage infrastructure entitlements and access to eliminate over provisioning and adopt best practices


We continuously assess cloud risks

  • Leverage Cloud Risk assessments to develop a cloud risk strategy aligned to business objectives
  • Adopt industry and regulatory best practices to measure, review and improve security posture
  • Uncover Shadow IT and adopt sanctioned cloud app usage policies


We shift security left

  • Embed security quality gates into development workflows and pipelines to identify issues earlier
  • Adopt a ‘Codified’ security approach ensuring the automation of security and consistent application of security policies
  • Integrate security into DevOps workflows without impacting speed and agility

Proactively deploying controls that secure by design cloud architectures is key. We support you all along this journey. Schedule a call with our experts today.

Discover the products and services behind Cloud Prevent

The Atos proactive approach to cloud security

Cloud Preserve

Continuously monitor, detect and respond to evolving threats.
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Cloud Protect

Augment security controls with automation to maintain a secure posture.
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