Agile security

Secure at speed with a focus around pipelines and ‘as code’ based environments

Adopt a shift-left approach by embedding security processes and tools into your pipelines

Traditionally in the development process, security was mostly checked for vulnerabilities at the end of a project. Developers had to spend time rewriting large portions of code in case of failures.
Code review can be time-consuming, but it is necessary to ensure security by design.
Security should be approached as a shared responsibility, from developers to security teams, making DevSecOps the next best practice and automation an essential method to ensure security policies are consistently applied.
Integrating security into DevOps without impacting speed and agility is the next challenge of organizations.

Who owns security?

of survey respondents said that not only security teams were responsible for it, but also developers and operations.
Source: A maturing DevSecOps landscape, GitLab, 2021

Source Fortinet 2021 Cloud Security report

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How can you make sure your DevOps pipeline is secure?

Deploy containers in the cloud with trust

Our Atos Container Security service helps organizations address the security challenges that containerization brings. By enabling visibility, control and compliance from a single pane of glass, Atos Container security enables organizations to adopt a shift-left approach by embedding security processes and tools into their CI/CD pipeline (static code review, image scanning and signing).

You make containers security simple and automated and you maintain the security and performance of your containers at all times.

Our services

  • Secrets management
  • Container hardening
  • CI/CD pipeline support
  • Micro and nano segmentation
  • Image signing
  • Web and API security
  • Access control

Your benefits

  • Accelerate your CI/CD pipeline as Containers are secured holistically
  • Gain maximum visibility and control across your Cloud stack
  • Protect your data in production through defense in depth and identity based micro segmentation for operational Containers
  • Keep your secrets and information confidential with just-in-time access to credentials without losing control over usage

Fix issues in code, with code

Our Atos Codified Security service helps organizations improve their agility and reduce risk by analyzing Infrastructure code, assess cloud posture with Policy as Code, then identifying drifts and remediating problems at the design time, while also integrating the operational pipeline.

You expedite time to market and expand opportunities for innovation and product creativity without compromising security.

Our services

  • Pipeline security and IaC scanning
  • Policy as Code enforcement
  • Drift as Code detection
  • Remediation as Code fixes

Your benefits

  • Shorten your release cycle by shifting security left
  • Provision environments faster with fewer resources
  • Save costs within the development lifecycle by fixing security issues alongside with other bug fixes
  • Maintain consistency and quality in your security deployments with machine-readable templates
  • Simplify and centralize user and data access reducing toil and further providing visibility
  • Improve your security holistically with each test, scan or policy that you can integrate, early, often and continuously

Reveal the vulnerabilities in your applications

Our Atos Application Security Testing service helps businesses reduce their overall security risk by identifying vulnerabilities in applications before they run in a production environment. It also applies after they have been deployed to make sure attacks will be warded off while an application is running in production.

You give your developers the right tools to implement security in their applications and remain compliant with security standards in regard to secure coding.

Our services

  • Black Box Testing
  • Grey Box Testing
  • Source Code Review
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • PCI ASV and SAQ Compliance
  • Network Penetration Testing
  • Point in time testing

Your benefits

  • Identify existing weaknesses in systems or application configurations and network infrastructure
  • Ensure business continuity by revealing potential threats before they occur
  • Benefit from experienced security testers knowledge and expert security testing tools
  • Meet the requirements of industry standard bodies such as PCI DSS
  • Get security tests following international standards such as OWASP and SANS with detailed impact assessment and mitigation proposal

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