Cloud Preserve

Staying ahead of threats

Preserve your security posture at all times in a hybrid multi-cloud context

Continuous risk management in the cloud context is complex due to the many moving parts and can only be effectively managed day to day through a combination of strong process, cloud native technology and skilled people.

It is quite difficult to have a full visibility on your existing status, risks and threats, also taking into account all external regulations and internal constraints.

How can you continuously monitor, detect and respond to these risks and threats?

of security professionals say their risk-management capabilities in the cloud are worse than other parts of their environment


Dimensional Research for Tripwire 2020

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What is Cloud Preserve?

Cloud Preserve is about preserving your secure posture by implementing a continuous approach to monitoring and response.

How we minimize the exposure to risks and put in place corrective actions
against any reoccurrence

We actively reduce the mean time to detect and respond

  • Bring superior threat visibility using multi-vector detection and AIsaac AI/ML models to continuously hunt threats
  • Benefit from unlimited scale with edge computing and cloud native integration with multi-hybrid cloud platforms
  • Automate threat containment to stop the spread of attacks with a full-service response


We preserve a secure state through dynamic posture assessment and correction

  • Take advantage of continuous compliance posture covering market and regulatory mandates
  • Leverage industry-leading best practice baselines for cloud environment monitoring
  • Automatically resolve policy violations, such as misconfigured security groups


We assess cloud security

  • Perform a “deep dive” assessment on every detail of cloud security and stress test
  • Give a clear set of next steps to address immediate issues and capitalize on high impact quick wins
  • Draw up executive-ready roadmaps to aid strategic planning and vision for resilience

Continuously monitoring, detecting and responding to evolving threats is a major advantage for your cloud transformation success. We support you all along this journey. Schedule a call with our experts today.

Discover the products and services behind Cloud Preserve

The Atos proactive approach to cloud security

Cloud Prevent

Proactively deploy controls that secure by design cloud architectures.
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Cloud Protect

Augment security controls with automation to maintain a secure posture.
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