Data & Identity security for Cloud

Maintain control and sovereignty over your identities and data in multi-cloud environments

Ensure identity and data sovereignty
in a hybrid cloud environment

Who has access to my data?
Is it safely encrypted?
Am I really the owner for it?

With multi-cloud complexity, organizations are lacking visibility and have an incomplete control over their data and associated risks. It becomes more and more complicated to apply consistent security controls over multi-cloud and on-premises environments and misconfigurations can easily happen.
Managing cloud identities, accesses and data security consistently is key to regain control in all your environments.

of organizations are adopting a multi-cloud approach,
combining both multiple private and public clouds


Source: State of the Cloud Report 2022, Flexera

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How can you provide optimal identity, data protection and access control in hybrid cloud?

atos-cyber-data-encryptionProtect your data wherever they are

Our Cloud Encryption solutions, based on our Trustway product line, support organizations moving to cloud to improve data security. By encrypting data and managing encryption keys, leveraging an advanced data security solution like Atos Trustway DataProtect gives organizations control back over their data.

You protect your data against breaches, regardless of their location.

Our products and services

  • Comprehensive encryption (applications, tokenization, files, data bases, virtual machines)
  • Secure key management
  • Central security and policy management
  • Hardware Security Module supported key management system
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Your benefits

  • Mitigate security risks by adding an extra layer of protection
  • Reduce operation complexity by managing encryption keys from a single pane of glass
  • Comply with the most stringent data protection regulations (GDPR, PCI DSS, EDPB…)
  • Maintain data sovereignty with a 100% French-certified physical hardware security module

SSO_sharedAccelerate your journey towards identity-driven cloud security

Our Cloud Identity and Access management solutions, based on our Evidian product line, support identity federation and facilitate access management in hybrid cloud infrastructures.

Your users benefit from a simplified and secure access to their sanctioned cloud and on-premises applications.

Our products and services

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Identity Federation
  • Identity Provider (IdP) proxy
  • Provisioning / deprovisioning of identities to cloud/web environments
  • Role management
  • Security policy management


Learn more about Evidian IDaaS for secure access in SaaS mode >>
Learn more about Evidian Web Access Manager for Web SSO and Identity federation >>
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Your benefits

  • Increase the productivity of your users by enabling your users to connect from anywhere with a user-friendly experience
  • Reduce your attack surface through the use of SSO combined with strong authentication
  • Secure your supply chain and bring more traceability for your cloud ecosystem
  • Granularly control who accesses your Cloud assets from one central point
  • Prevent identity sprawl for your users and get rid of orphaned accounts

Client Story

Independent Health

Identity access management enables Independent Health’s business users to securely and conveniently access its information, applications & devices.

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Client Story

Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Previously, the Trust had several single sign-on solutions due to the integration of Basingstoke and North Hampshire NHS Foundation Trust, with Winchester and Eastleigh Healthcare Trust. This placed a burden on the Trust’s IT support and wasted valuable clinician time. Single sign-on helped 5000 clinicians focus on frontline care.

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