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AI and Cybersecurity: for the better or for the worse?


Well leveraged, AI is an opportunity for cybersecurity and can complement it. Incorrectly used, it may become a threat.
Cybersecurity teams are now integrating AI to perfect their security strategies and deal with new-age cyber-attacks. Alternatively, AI solutions and algorithms are not without flaws and needs to be approached in a secure way. What could be a good compromise?
In this third edition of the Atos Digital Security Magazine, cybersecurity experts from all horizons and specialties have explored the trends that are shaping new cybersecurity and AI use cases and have shared how to exploit them securely.
Discover more with their articles and contributions below. We hope you will enjoy them and wish you lots of inspiration reading them!

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Ethical concerns
of AI: are you
following the right

Identity analytics solutions are expected to bring more visibility, threat detection and automation in identity and access management. Explore the current trends of this machine learning-based technology. How Machine learning is revolutionizing identity analytics Put yourself in the shoes of a managed detection and response (MDR) data scientist and get an overview of how they work on threat detection scenarios to stay ahead of attackers. "We cannot hold AI accountable for its actions. The responsibility lies with the humans who developed it."
Discover what makes ethics by design so important for AI today.
The Atos blueprint for responsible AI What are the key pillars of responsible AI?
Read more about Atos approach to bring the best ouf of responsible AI.
The top 5 AI use cases for Managed Detection and Response Can AI protect us from new threats? Explore how it can introduce new ways to detect sophisticated cyberattacks. Connected cars are expected to improve road safety. Only if cyberattacks are not there to make it worse.
Learn more about misbehavior detection to boost trust in autonomous cars.
Is your connected car smart enough? Prescriptive IAM: anticipate trends, identify risks and [re]act automatically Is there an answer to the tough challenges security officers & administrators face today with IAM? Can AI-augmented IAM capabilities be part of the solution?
Find out more on the AI contributions to IAM for a Zero trust approach.
A day in the life of cybersecurity data scientists Data is the backbone of any AI system.
Learn how cybercriminals can abuse AI algorithms security vulnerabilities to exploit them
AI algorithms, what are the main threats to watch for? The Terminator, Blade Runner… When we think of AI becoming too powerful, the examples of fictions describing the drifts of the technology are numerous. What are the reasons behind it and how to solve this? Our cybersecurity experts' guide on AI and Big Data What are the best methods to leverage big data and enable AI for cybersecurity?
Discover the tips from our experts
“Defenders have to operate at scale everywhere all the time, where the bad guys get to pick the time, place and means to execute an attack. You know how that ends. But AI can change that”.
Read the blog on how AI can impact positively cybersecurity.
AI: Privacy horror story or fairy tale? How AI can change information security

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