Taming the digital cyber storm: Using artificial intelligence to protect digital assets

Artificial intelligence blended with a mature MDR program is the best bet for protecting digital assets.

Executive Summary


Artificial intelligence (AI) is the solution for organizations under fire by cybercriminals using new-age cyber-attacks.

Today’s cyberattacks are faster, more numerous, and more devious than ever. Traditional cybersecurity alone no longer provides the level of protection required. The proper use of AI can plug the gaps and get security postures back where they need to be.

Artificial intelligence blends with cyber to help organizations and their security teams deal with new-age cyber-attacks.

This white paper explains where these new problems and risks come from, why conventional cybersecurity is no longer enough to address them, and the right approach to using AI to complete your protection.

Key takeaways:

  • Evolving security risks and their nature
  • Where conventional cybersecurity falls short
  • New threat models to understand
  • What artificial intelligence brings
  • Blending AI with existing resources

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