Digital sovereignty

Digital sovereignty is now at the heart of the digital strategies

Digital sovereignty is at the center of many debates over the future of our digital world. Increasing regulations around privacy, export, legal rights and responsibilities are forcing organizations and businesses to make difficult choices about their digital strategy and business priorities. To succeed in the new digital economy requires striking the right balance between increasing digital capabilities and safeguarding digital sovereignty and autonomy.

Data and digital technology are more important than ever before, and it’s critical to build a more secure environment for sensitive resources. This requires reinforcing measures and controls over data storage, processing and transmission, as well as the underlying technologies that make digital sovereignty possible.

No two paths are the same, and the success of these initiatives depends on the specific context of each organization and business. Each will require different levels of control according to its technical environment and IT infrastructure (private, hybrid, multi-cloud or on-premises), operational technology, specific business processes and local constraints.

Trusted digital technology helps overcome these challenges and paves the way for digital sovereignty.

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What is data sovereignty?

Data sovereignty is the degree of control an individual, organization or government has over the data they produce and work with (whether local or online).

What is technological sovereignty?

Technological sovereignty is the degree of the control the organization has over the technology it uses.

Digital sovereignty

Data sovereignty and technological sovereignty are the two pillars of digital sovereignty, which can be defined as the degree of control an organization has over its digital environment (data, applications, software, systems and hardware).

The complexity of digital sovereignty increases depending on the organization’s geographical, operational and regulatory context.

Our solutions

Mastering data is no longer an option, and you need better, more relevant measures and controls for your specific digital sovereignty needs.
Atos strives to help organizations and businesses reach digital sovereignty by offering trusted and tailored cybersecurity solutions that provide unmatched capabilities and offer greater flexibility to apply different levels of control.

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Identity is the new perimeter

For users, objects and machines: identity becomes essential when accessing applications and data. The management of digital identities needs to be controlled and trusted.

For citizens: with the adequate governance in place, people will be able to manage their own data in the future with legal self sovereign identities.


Controlling access is critical

As technology advances and connectivity and convergence continue to grow, organizations need to be aware that risks associated to security access increase.

Critical security controls should be mastered to avoid the threat of privilege escalation and infiltration.


Encrypting everything sensitive is a must

Because zero risk doesn’t exist, conditions are always changing, and cyberthreats are always evolving.

Encryption remains the last line of defense to enforce control and increase protection.

Sovereign Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Manage your vulnerabilities and risk, maintain compliance, and build your end-to-end security posture – through complete, hands-free Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services. Atos sovereign MDR conforms to data sovereignty principles by country, and to organizations’ particular data and operational needs.

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Atos trusted digital solutions are an integral component of Atos OneCloud Sovereign Shield,
and help achieve higher levels of sovereignty.

Our differentiators

Atos highly certified products
Atos products are certified at the highest levels (ANSSI, NATO, EU restricted, EAL4+ CC)

RandD innovation
In-House solutions

In-house developed software by Atos R&D teams and EU-manufactured hardware

Trusted partner & local footprint

Atos is actively involved in leading European digital sovereignty projects

Gaia-X Founding Member

Our deep understanding is helping shape the future of European cloud regulations

People certified
Our people and processes

Our people have the right blend of skills and experience in cybersecurity

Why choose Atos digital sovereignty solutions?

ADOPT the most appropriate controls to obtain your desired level of digital sovereignty

ENABLE digital autonomy by dramatically improving control over your data — on-premises and in the cloud

REGAIN control and effectively address regulations and legal requirements

LEVERAGE trusted European technology and expertise

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Press release

Atos OneCloud sovereign shield

Atos trusted digital solutions are an integral component of Atos OneCloud Sovereign Shield, and help achieve higher levels of sovereignty.



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