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In a world where most of the data is processed and stored outside the geographical borders, many governments are raising valid concerns around data and digital sovereignty.

Organizations will need to adopt a risk-based approach to carefully assess what is their level of control on data and technology and specially to make sure that sovereignty does not come at the cost of losing agility, a key factor to thrive in the digital age.

In this sixth edition of the Atos Digital Security Magazine, we will address all aspects that digital sovereignty can cover, not only because it might, sometimes, be overused, misused, or misunderstood, but also because there are very important ideas to be clarified behind. And those could lead to strategic decisions.

Start exploring how to keep control over your digital infrastructure!

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Zeina Zakhour
Vice President Global CTO – Digital security
Member of the Atos Scientific Community

Vasco Gomes
Global CTO for cybersecurity products, Distinguished Expert
Member of the Atos Scientific Community

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