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Integrated digital health solutions to help you transition from volume to value

Driving the value of health through data, insights and care


From supporting the patient pushing for better health to helping the healthcare executive transition from volume to value, Atos believes in the value of health.

That’s why in 2017, Atos launched Digital Health Solutions for North America. We combine deep healthcare knowledge with global expertise in digital transformation. We modernize the technology foundation and secure valuable patient data. We help providers maximize revenue, and help payers pay only what’s due. For clinicians, we optimize and manage the EHR. We integrate that valuable data with financial systems to find unique insights about patients and members. And help you manage their health with population health, precision medicine and value-based care programs that drive the value of health. For you and for them.

Ultimately, Atos delivers the technology, business and patient-focused insights to help payers, providers, pharmaceutical and life science companies move between their current volume-based business and the future of value-based healthcare.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has set a goal of tying 50 percent of payments to quality or value by 2018.

Customer transformation challenges

Separation dash


Bridging the gap between volume and value

Customer experience

Pushing care to lower care settings makes it more accessible, and relies heavily on integrated data streams.

Trust and compliance

There are two types of healthcare organizations: those that have been breached and those that will be breached.

Business reinvention

Funding cuts, premium increases and questions on Medicaid expansion keep healthcare in a constant state of flux and technology requirements a moving target. And yet, healthcare organizations must deliver highly personalized service which requires a modern technology platform and solid IT strategy.

Operational excellence

The shift of risk to the provider to manage outcomes continues to move forward and relies heavily on data insights often from siloed systems. Technology optimization is critical to removing silos, sharing data and leveraging it in patient-focused programs.


Technology Transformation

Transform your technology foundation into a digital ecosystem by building IT strategies and selecting systems, managing cloud applications and data centers, and managing digital workplace, ERP, WFM and more than 400 healthcare applications.

Cybersecurity Solutions

Leverage the same adaptive, prescriptive security services that protect the Olympic and Paralympic Games to protect, detect and correct vital patient data from cyberattacks.

Business and Clinical Transformation

Predict and minimize financial risk, from end-to-end revenue cycle management to managing the network contracts for new value-based care models. Develop, select, implement, drive adoption of, and leverage electronic health records to deliver the right insight and collaborative care to patients.

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Patient Transformation

Identify patients at risk and optimize their care. Improve care quality and outcomes while reducing the cost of care. Support new value-based care models. And improve the patient and member experience with sophisticated journey analytics.

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Integrated data and patient insight are the foundation of comprehensive care. To get digital healthcare right, you need experts at data and at healthcare. Atos is that expert.

Executive Summary

Cybersecurity for Healthcare

Cybersecurity threats are continuing to rise. Is it possible that we are overconfident how comprehensive our cybersecurity plans really are?

In the News

Coding and Compliance

See what Cynthia Nicholas, VP of Coding Audit & Compliance for Atos Digital Health Solutions, has to say in For the Record magazine.

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