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Gets a fresh start on its journey to the future

At a glance

When a long-running core enterprise resource planning (ERP) application reached end-of-support, Baylor Scott & White (BSWH) needed to rapidly upgrade the software without impacting its operations. BSWH’s complex tech upgrade evolved a critical part of its technology estate for the future.


  • Smooth, disruption-free transition.
  • Reduced application complexity.
  • Effective knowledge management.
  • Enablement of future process improvements.

Baylor Scott & White Health (BSWH) is the largest not-for-profit healthcare organization in Texas, and its over 49,000 employees also make it one of the largest healthcare organizations in the United States. Its mission is to promote the well-being of all individuals, families and communities through its 52 hospitals, 800+ patient care sites, more than 7,300 active physicians, and the Scott & White Health Plan.

Breathing new life into an old application

With over 7.8 million patient contacts ever year, BSWH provides a full range of inpatient, outpatient, rehabilitation and emergency medical services. Its ambition is to be the trusted leader, educator and innovator in value-based care delivery, customer experience and affordability.

At the beginning of 2021, its installed version of Lawson (a core ERP application) was nearing end of support. An upgrade from version 9 to version 10 was essential for BSWH to maintain compliance and avoid disruptions to its operations.
Four key challenges created additional complexities to delivering a smooth cutover:

    • Timeframes were tight: The migration had to be completed by the end of 2021.
    • Organic growth and 15 years of constant use of Lawson had led to a significant number of customizations.
    • Lawson was integrated with several other mission-critical applications, including PeopleSoft HR.
    • Midway through the project, the BSWH finance department needed access to the data in Lawson to complete the organization’s financial year-end activities.

BSWH asked Atos, as its technology partner, to work closely with its finance, supply chain and IT teams to plan and execute the important upgrade.

A delicate operation

The team started work in February and completed the upgrade by November 1, 2021.

Project initiation. Deploying the right technical and subject matter expertise was critical. The team identified key resources within BSWH and from Atos’s global network. They included finance experts and Lawson specialists with the knowledge to lead the migration of the application and its many customizations..

Discovery phase. Next, the team identified built-in solutions in order to eliminate unnecessary customizations, rationalize the use of Lawson and uncover any issues and risks that could be mitigated during the upgrade.

Design and build. The team designed and built the new version-10 application, including all essential customizations. They also ensured seamless integration with all applications that support ERP processes across the organization. The project team knew that the year-end financials would be a particular challenge. BSWH and Atos depended on their finance, supply chain and Lawson specialists for critical understanding and testing of every program, workflow and process.

User acceptance and system testing. In the production environment, intense and rigorous testing was conducted to ensure that BSWH had a high level of comfort with every function, device, browser requirement and customization.

Flipping the switch with confidence

The project team conducted two trial cutovers, including a month-end close to identify and resolve any issues within the version 10 production environment.

They designed and implemented a process to complete the upgrade over the course of a weekend without impacting any functions or data. With requirements for both Android and Windows devices, the team needed to adjust scripts and processes for remote and direct access.

A relentless focus on detail was essential, as well as the flexibility to ensure that BSWH carried out all required validations to ensure a high level of user confidence. The upgrade and data migration were completed overnight, including turning on all interfaces so the finance team was ready to start processing orders Monday morning.

The power of a strong partnership

Together, BSWH and Atos leveraged robust project management and online collaboration tools to manage risks, make decisions, share information and ensure all testing was completed — with outcomes documented in detail.

The keys to success were the close working relationship between BSWH and Atos, with an injection of knowledge and expertise at every level.

Taking the first step towards the future

A frictionless upgrade to Lawson version 10 was achieved, and BSWH is confident in the support that the new application now provides. With support from Atos as a trusted advisor, BSWH is well positioned for future vendor selection. And now it will be much easier to move the entire ERP system to the cloud when the time is right.

February-May 2021

Project start and discovery

April-June 2021

Design and build

May-October, 2021

Testing and training

November 1, 2021

Go live

Why Atos

Atos is a trusted digital partner for healthcare organizations worldwide, dedicated to creating sustainable, high-quality health systems that empower people to enjoy health and wellbeing. We have a proven track record of delivering complex migrations in healthcare settings. As an Infor Alliance & CloudSuite Specialized Partner, we have helped hundreds of clients take full advantage of their Infor solutions.

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