Atos OneCloud for healthcare

De-risking your dependency on aging infrastructure while simultaneously delivering innovation

Healthcare providers and payers across the world are embarking on a significant digital transformation journey to reduce costs, improve the patient experience and drive innovation in order to deliver value-based, individual care.

Atos OneCloud is a ground-breaking initiative that provides a simplified pathway to a future technology landscape that better meets the complex demands of healthcare. It blends cloud advisory consulting, application transformation expertize pre-built cloud accelerators, and innovative talents in an end-to-end set of services to help our healthcare and life science clients navigate their cloud journey securely. Atos OneCloud streamlines enterprise applications to be agile, mobile, and rooted in analytics, across public, private, and hybrid cloud environments.

The benefits of Atos OneCloud for healthcare

Reduce risk and operational costs >

Reduce risk and operational costs

By migrating IT platforms to Atos OneCloud, healthcare organizations will avoid capital expenditure and de-risk dependence on aging infrastructure equipment, giving you peace of mind that your information and systems are protected by world-class cloud cybersecurity.

Improve employee and staff experience >

Improve employee and staff experience

Atos OneCloud will enable your employees and staff to be more mobile, removing the dependence of working from fixed desk space. As systems migrate to the cloud, these become available on more devices, providing greater flexibility and security, empowering employees in the way that they work.

Improve patient experience >

Improve patient experience

Atos OneCloud will enable collaborative care across the healthcare ecosystem through the use of virtual care and remote monitoring as well as connected patient devices. Patients will feel better connected to their professional carers, giving them greater control of their healthcare pathway. This collaborative approach will result in a more efficient healthcare system.

Boosting the potential of your data through innovation >

Boosting the potential of your data through innovation

Moving to Atos OneCloud will provide ways to store and process large amounts of data, driving medical innovation and precision medicine. This transitions the shift from reactive, disease-centric care to wellness through proactive and preventative care.

Atos differentiators

Cloud compliance

As standard, our cloud offerings adhere to 90 compliance certifications, covering more than 50 specific to global regions and over 190 countries, such as the US, the European Union, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, India and China.

Edge and far edge

With connected patient and monitoring devices, from any location, you can process and deliver data at the edge in near to real-time using 5G, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for early diagnostics and intelligent care pathway planning and delivery.

Our people

10,000+ healthcare experts

7,000+ cloud experts

30,000+ application experts

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To help our clients navigate their cloud journey securely, Atos has a range of industry and technology-specific solutions and services.

Customer Story

University College London Hospital (largest hospital in the UK)

Implemented an efficient hybrid mail service to increase efficiency, secure, scalable communication channel.

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Customer Story

Lucerne Cantonal Hospital (largest hospital in Switzerland)

Learn about how Atos is delivering an accelerated roadmap to turn a large complex multi-site organisation into a smart digital hospital.

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Customer Story

Large U.S. healthcare IT company

Learn how Atos helped one of the largest U.S. healthcare IT companies to simplify their data center operations and implement a scalable cloud solution for a 12% saving in 4.5 years.

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Customer Story

Australian State Public Health System migration to OneCloud

Atos has been supporting a State Government public health system by transitioning and digitising their ICT systems on Cloud platforms.

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Customer Story

NHS England and NHSX

Delivered a Global Digital Exemplar Blueprint solution that digitised over 2,300 individual artefacts and optimised the sharing of replicable digital solutions for all NHS organisations to use to improve health outcomes for patients and increase staff productivity and experience

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Healthcare insights


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Atos can help you make your data work smarter to allow you to make better decisions.


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Atos HLS digital solutions help organizations clarify business objectives while pursuing safer, more effective processes to manage costs and engagement across the care continuum.


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Cloud isn’t as complex or risky as we like to believe for healthcare, but it does have far-reaching impacts across IT, business, and clinical operations.

Insights to shape your cloud-forward future with Atos OneCloud Hub

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Global cloud leader, powering the Olympic Games since 1992

Atos has contributed to the Olympic movement for nearly 30 years, providing digital transformation and IT solutions to the Olympic Games since 1992. Atos has integrated a “build once use many times” sustainable cloud delivery model for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, enabling a central team, based in Barcelona, to support multiple events, with a Central Technology Operation Center (CTOC) in Barcelona, an Integration Testing Lab (ITL) in Madrid and a Technology Operations Center (TOC) in Tokyo.

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