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Optimize provider workflow and facility management to improve patient outcomes while reducing costs

Digital Hospital Services

Optimizing patient outcomes while reducing costs


Improved patient outcomes and staff workflow


Drive innovation with a focused consultative approach

Costs of care:

Reduced operational costs with enhanced patient outcomes


100% security compliance

Optimize care provider workflow and patient outcomes

Leading with strategic partners such as Siemens to deliver intelligent monitoring offerings like Desigo and Enlighted that promote workflow efficiencies, reduce operational costs, improve patient experience, leverage medical device data, and promote digital advancements in the healthcare setting.

As an example, facility management solutions monitor infrastructure equipment to allow operations to work more effectively and proactively. This provides leadership and staff with real-time insight regarding equipment readiness, calibration and location for improved planning and decision making.


Deliverables include:

  • Innovation workshop to understand challenges and objectives to create a hospital transformation roadmap
  • Personas and journey mapping to visualize and optimize the unique user experience
  • Leveraging discovery findings to create a digital twin and/or POC to test all possible outcomes
  • Supporting rollout of the roadmap and solutions while staying engaged for future enhancements

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System Integration

IoT optimization, design, build and management of sustainable processes to enable a digitized networking infrastructure of interconnected assets.

Siemens hospital point solutions include smart bathrooms, thermal cameras, proximity warning, smart parking, plus monitoring of medical devices such as smart beds, MRI machines and blood plasma chillers, for readiness, calibration and location

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Managed Services

  • Expertise and end-to-end managed services to deliver efficient operations, greater insight and ongoing user support with predictable expenses
  • Identity, security and risk management, ensuring compliance and sustained security from a global leader, with uninterrupted business operations
  • Measure real-time impacts to help shape the managed services solution going forward


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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

  • Orchestrate IoT data and workflow to coordinate valuable services and insights – providing enhanced patient experiences, health outcomes, staff experiences, and operational efficiencies/cost of care
  • Machine learning and analytics tools for useful inferences and predictions, based on available IoT data
  • Predictive analytics support disease diagnoses and prevention

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Client Story


Atos worked with NHSX to optimize the sharing of replicable digital solutions across the NHS landscape, helping to transfer vital knowledge to providers.

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Client Story

Connected Coolers

The Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company is the first company to operate a large-scale rollout of Atos Codex’s pioneering Connected Cooler program with the aim of developing a fully connected asset ecosystem of more than 1.6 million coolers across 28 countries.

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