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Climate change impacts healthcare and life sciences (H&LS) in many ways. It has a major impact on human health, and organizations will need to respond to increased risk of certain diseases. They also need to ensure their own processes to achieve net-zero to prevent more impact. Net-zero is a state where we add no incremental greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.

The Atos Decarbonization Center of Excellence is available to guide healthcare and life sciences organizations through four phases to address climate change and reduce carbon in core digital and business processes. Atos has strengthened its decarbonized digital solution portfolio and expertise with highly specialized skills from EcoAct, an Atos company. EcoAct is an internationally recognized climate strategy consulting firm. Readpress release.


Healthcare makes up 4.4% of global greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions each year

Source: Healthcare Without Harm

Innovative approaches towards net-zero

New focus beyond IT >

Determine Strategy

Measurement & SBT ambition setting
Risk & opportunity analysis
Data Management
Atos CRaFT©

Decarbonized focus for IT >

Reducing IT Footprint

Utilizing HPC, IoT, Edge & Quantum Computing
Sustainable Cloud Computing
Intelligent Collaboration
Decarbonization Level Agreements (DLA)

Net-zero industry focus>

Reducing Business Impact

Pharma Digital Twins
Carbon pricing
Smart Hospitals
Virtual Care
Smart Clinical Trials
Predictive Maintenance

Residuals addressed >


Offsetting residual emissions
Project Development
Nature-based solutions

Atos solutions to net-zero

Decarbonize business

Reduce the carbon in your business processes.

Reduce emissions across your value chain through efficiency measures, stakeholder engagement, renewable energy, investments in business transformation.

Learn more about the capabilities delivered by EcoAct, an Atos company.

Decarbonize digital

Reduce your digital footprint with green technology solutions and processes. Learn more about our green technologies:

Measure and map

Begin with an assessment of your current carbon maturity and a roadmap to your goals. A Digital Decarbonization Assessment (DDA) by Atos is a 6-8 week study of your organizational ambitions, digital carbon emissions, current maturity and recommended carbon reduction actions.

Carbon-offsetting projects

Carbon offsetting projects can help organizations achieve carbon-reduction targets while working to reduce emissions. Your offsetting initiatives can tackle climate change, counteract deforestation and deliver equitable sustainable development.

Customer Story


Setting a Science-based target and an emissions reduction strategy for the pharmaceutical group Servier.

Read the customer story >

Achieve net-zero with Atos

Decarbonization Center of Excellence – Achieve net-zero with Atos

What does Net Zero mean?

Progress your organization’s climate action with our modular program.

Net-zero insights

Getting started

A to Zero: Guiding your organization on its journey to net zero.


Footprinting standards – A guide to carbon footprints.

Reporting Frameworks

The Big eBook of Sustainability Reporting Frameworks 2021.


Listen to how net-zero initiatives are crucial for the H&LS sector and how they can help align your organization with the regulations and the changing investor and customer preferences.


Read how decarbonizing your digital with technology and careful planning can reduce your carbon footprint and help possibly avoid the next healthcare crisis.

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