Journey 2024 in Healthcare and
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making precision medicine a reality

Precision medicine

Healthcare organizations face complex challenges to meet the demands of growing and aging populations, together with rises in long-term health conditions and the needs of the pandemic response. Delivering to meet competing priorities requires new models of care and innovation across patient and provider ecosystems. Digital technologies and data are critical enablers in healthcare and pharma environments, helping to bridge the gap between research and service delivery. The digital journey for healthcare is about accelerating the global shift to precision medicine.

Precision medicine is predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory. Harnessing the power of omics data in combination with connected technologies will enable faster drug discovery, more accurate and timely diagnoses and treatment, and pre-emptive health and wellbeing strategies, to improve health outcomes for everyone.

Skin cancer is more common and dangerous than most people think, but treatable when caught early on. This video shows how AI technology can help to classify skin lesions faster and more efficient to accelerate diagnosis and improve patient outcomes. Technological advances to prevent skin cancer Accelerating the diagnosis of bowel disease using AI – Blog Millions of people every year suffer from bowel disease. While treatments are advancing, the diagnosis process is still very labor intensive. This video shows how AI technology can accelerate diagnosis for better patient outcomes. Accelerating the diagnosis of bowel disease using AI – Video Using artificial intelligence (AI), we can dramatically accelerate processes, free-up precious clinician time, and aid faster accurate diagnosis of bowel disease. How Atos enables
clients to deliver
In this video see how Atos is developing innovative solutions both inside and outside the hospital for placing the patient at the heart of digital transformation. Atos Life Sciences Center of Excellence: powering research in rare diseases This case study discusses how Atos enables clients to deliver digitally-enabled precision healthcare with non-contact patient triage and monitoring. Pioneering the way to precision medicine Lookout 2020+ trends for healthcare. Which business opportunities and key technologies will share the future of healthcare? On the journey to 2024, there’s more value and less risk for healthcare leaders who move to the cloud In this article discover how the agility of cloud and its power to enable real-time data-sharing places it on the critical path to enabling the shift to precision medicine. What innovation will there be for large hospitals in 2025? Healthcare leaders moving to the cloud discover more value and less risk In this podcast hear how embarking on a significant digital transformation journey to shift reactive treatment to proactive care can improve the patient experience and outcomes. Delivering innovations in precision medicine In this video, discover how University Hospital Ramon y Cajal finds new ways to diagnose and treat patients more efficiently using genomics sequencing. How digital enablers can help improve patient outcomes, support clinicians, integrate resources and meet our health needs Digital vision for health This case study shares Atos’ vision to bridge the gap between basic and applied research by implementing new technological solutions.

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