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Located at the Wellcome Genome Campus, home to some of the world’s foremost institutes and organizations in genomics and computational biology, the Atos Life Sciences Center of Excellence brings leading edge technologies closer to research projects with the goal of discovering fresh, innovative solutions that will have a positive impact in society.

For researchers and technologists worldwide, it is a unique opportunity to explore the power of advanced computing technologies such as high-performance computing, artificial intelligence and quantum simulation to process, model, simulate healthcare innovations.

A unique digital ecosystem to help shape a better world
for populations and societies

Precision Health

Precision Health

Enable the implementation of a Personalized, Predictive, Preventative, Participatory medicine

Drug Development

Drug Development

From molecule to market, accelerate time to market for new drugs and treatments

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Atos, UCL and Arm join forces to harness the power of cloud and digital for better healthcare

Proof of Concept: Atos and UCL announce having successfully run the virus sequencing tool, Viridian, which is used to detect mutation of the SARS-Cov-2 strain of the coronavirus, using an Arm®-based Ampere® Altra® processor in a cloud-native environment.

Accelerating the diagnosis of bowel disease using AI

Millions of people every year suffer from bowel disease. While treatments are advancing, the diagnosis process is still very labor intensive. This video shows how AI technology can help to shorten 8 hour footage significantly, freeing valuable clinician time and accelerating diagnosis for better patient outcomes.

Technological advances to prevent skin cancer

Skin cancer is more common and dangerous than most people think, but treatable when caught early on. This video shows how AI technology can help to classify skin lesions faster and more efficient to accelerate diagnosis and improve patient outcomes.

Optimizing the pharmaceutical manufacturing process with digital twin technology

Learn more about the challenges in Pharma Production, and how digital twin can help analyze live data and recommend control actions to steer quality to target, resulting in reduced R&D cycles, faster time to market, reduced batch loss and deviations.

Leap your life sciences project to the “quantum” level

Listen to Atos’ experts, who will walk you through the fundamentals and applications of quantum computing in life sciences, Atos quantum program and life sciences quantum use cases.

Beating diseases with Artificial Intelligence

Listen to the technologists from three multinational companies- Atos, Nvidia and NetApp, who discuss how AI can help with early disease diagnosis and predict responses of clinical outcomes into medicine. The use of AI to aid diagnose and understand the severity of diseases is becoming imperative for improved patient care.

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