Cybersecurity in Healthcare

Cybersecurity for healthcare: the foundation for digital transformation

Digital transformation means that healthcare organizations are now moving to the Cloud and adopting new technologies, such as connected medical devices, and paving the way to precision medicine.

Cybersecurity solutions must keep pace with the healthcare providers and payers’ innovation so they can operate with complete trust. Healthcare sensitive data must be protected more than ever, but still be easily accessible for the right teams, allowing them to better focus on patient care. Cybersecurity solutions should protect medical connected devices, sensitive patient and clinical data and clinical application access points, while helping organizations control costs.

Changing the healthcare security paradigm with a specialized partner

In this new healthcare ecosystem, patient sensitive data needs to be protected across a complex network of people, technologies and information.

With a proven track record of digital compliance and cybersecurity in complex IT healthcare environments, we help providers and payers protect confidential data and let clinicians focus on the front line.

Proven use cases

Expert teams in healthcare for your security projects. eID for care staff, electronic medical record authenticity and PHI data security.

Global capabilities

Extensive knowledge base shared through 15 SOCs worldwide with 6000+ highly experienced and certified security professionals for a comprehensive platform.

Healthcare cybersecurity advisor

From assessment to deployment, services and products for tailored cybersecurity operations that adhere to your local healthcare and data protection regulations.

Product vision

Own developed and complementary products for a tailored and optimized experience adapted to the digital patient experience.

How single sign-on helped 5000 clinicians focus on frontline care

“Previously, the Trust had several single sign-on solutions due to the integration of Basingstoke and North Hampshire NHS Foundation Trust, with Winchester and Eastleigh Healthcare Trust. This placed a burden on the Trust’s IT support and wasted valuable clinician time. By simplifying access to essential applications within the Care Records System, including X-ray, radiology, pathology blood requisition and JAC prescription applications, staff only need to login once, freeing up time to focus on patient care.”


Ed Sturt, Head of IT Infrastructure, Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


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