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eTMF Automation in the fast lane, powered by Automation Anywhere and Atos

Accelerate eTMF processing, improve quality and reduce costs with eTMF automation. Digital transformation offers a clear path to eliminate data quality gaps, reduce human efforts and streamline your TMF operations. Atos and our partner, Automation Anywhere, will demonstrate how we can drive eTMF operational excellence and provide competitive differentiation.

On demand
Duration: 30 minutes

Beating disease with artificial intelligence

In this webinar, you will be hearing from the three multinational companies that are pioneering advances in this field. Technologists from the Atos Life Sciences Centre of Excellence (LSCoE) will walk you through our healthcare journey, radically transformed through the use of advanced technologies to boost efficiency and drive excellence. We will be joined by experts from NVIDIA and NetApp who will complement this journey with their unique perspectives on system acceleration and data management.

On demand
Duration: 60 minutes

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Penetration testing in healthcare environments – what are the top vulnerabilities we discover?

In this webinar, our cybersecurity experts will explain how penetration testing can help health and life science organizations ensure their security solutions are ready to fight against current and future cyber-attacks, with focus on the Covid-19 pandemic. They will also share their analysis of several cyber-attack study cases and how they could have been avoided.

On demand
Duration: 55 minutes

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Optimizing the pharmaceutical manufacturing process with digital twin technology

It is more important than ever to get the most out of your drug and vaccine development. That is where digital twin technology – a virtual and connected model of the manufacturing process – can help. Find out more about the role of digital twins in manufacturing and R&D, the technology behind it, and hear the case study of a global vaccine provider.

On demand
Duration: 20 minutes

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Leap your life sciences project to the “quantum” level

Atos quantum experts will walk you through some obvious life sciences quantum use cases and inspire you to think of other relevant applications.

In this webinar you will learn the fundamentals of quantum computing, some of the applications of quantum in life sciences and more about the Atos quantum program.

On demand
Duration: 45 minutes

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BIODATAlks: The promise of edge technologies in life sciences innovation

In this BIODATAlks, an interactive webinar organized and hosted by the BioData Innovation Centre at the Wellcome Genome Campus in Cambridge UK, we future-gaze with life science experts to find out more about how high-performance computing (HPC), quantum computing (QC) and artificial intelligence (AI) can help transform the future of research, innovation, healthcare and, indeed, the workplace.

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